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Naukrihub is India’s most prominent salary portal for the standard and latest salary tools such as the Salary Checker and the Salary Calculator. On Naukrihub.com’s Salary Calculator, you get the most accurate and latest salary information related to different sectors and job profiles, as the salary data used in these tools is sourced directly from user-inputs and reliable HR sources in different sectors. Salary range is analyzed based on different factors such as city, experience, designation and organization. Similarly, our Salary Calculator relies heavily on the reliable data obtained from different HR sites related to salary in different companies, according to variables such as experience and city etc.

Salary Tools such as “salary checker” also help you know whether you are still underpaid or getting a good salary, whereas “salary calculator” helps you know the salary standards according to the industry you are in, company you are looking for, your designation and experience.

Salary Section has many subsections. Salary Structure and Salary Information sub-sections in Naukrihub.com provide plethora of information on average salary in India according to different sectors and job profiles, scope of different jobs (including part-time, freelancing and full-time jobs), workplace tips, salary articles, tax advice, salary news and details of high-paying jobs in India.  This section also provides career development tips......more..

HR Corner

Workplace Nepotism

World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz had to resign after being accused of arranging a big raise and promotion for a woman with whom he was having a relationship. Nepotism in workplace is an inevitable situation and often results in demotivated workforce. Yet most employers deny it exists at all. In the corporate sector, favoritism, as it is commonly known, occurs when someone appears to be treated better than others not necessarily due to superior work performance. It amounts to a supervisor or ma....
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Salaries in Govt/PSU's

Salary of Various Jobs in BSNL

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam is a telecommunications company, having its headquarters in Delhi. The state-owned organization is the fourth largest.....
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Celebrity's Salaries

Naveen Jindal: A journey from an Industrialist to a Politician

Family Naveen Jindal, the famous politician from Congress party and a billionaire was born in Haryana’s.....
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Salary Trivia

Is the salary paid in dollars taxable

Salary earned for rendering services in India is taxable in India irrespective of the currency of payment....... read complete

Salary Buzz

Q. What is the Salary range of Software Developer at Novalnet e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai?

A.Salary range of Software Developer at Novalnet e-Solutions P...
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