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Established in 2005, Naukrihub.com is a leading salary portal in India, which is dedicated to provide information about latest salary trends, minimum and maximum salaries offered and loads of relevant content about salaries offered in Indian companies, PSUs and government departments. Being developed as a one stop shop for all salary related information in India. It provides information that is useful for employers, consultants, job seekers, students, researchers management graduates and advertisers or anyone who is looking for salary information in India.

Researched and updated information on your fingertips. Very few employers actually disclose the salaries offered by them, so there is always a veil of confidentiality maintained over it. Our researchers have worked hard to survey the job market to bring the most accurate information to you. It is also updated regularly to bring you the latest salary trends in india, previous quarter profitability reports and salary projections in India for the year ahead. So, it enables you to take informed decisions as to what the market is paying for a particular job.

Tons of content

Top 10 Section carries valuable information about top 10 companies, jobs including top high-paying jobs, cities, consultants, courses, skills and banks, etc.

Placement Consultants section lists the leading placement consultants in the major cities of India.

Resources section includes latest information regarding recruitment activities in the country along with job opportunities, top recruiters, fresher jobs, career institutes, top job sites, and payroll articles relevant for human resources and job seekers alike.

Career Builder section includes information about industrys who is who, their brief biographies, success stories, motivational stories and information about Indias business leaders. HR Today subsection in this, contains highly useful information about workplace management and human resources. Jobs for freshers include career guidance and salary information for the freshers.

Jobs in India section provides information about the scope of jobs in different regions such as India and gulf etc. It also provides information about government jobs, part-time jobs and job fairs etc.

Whats New section contains Blogs and News subsections. Naukrihub Blog includes useful information about salary in India, branding and other management practices.

Salary Questions section contains FAQs about salary. Apart from that, there are different sections that provide information about salaries in India by designation, by company and by skills and qualifications

Quality resources for working professionals

Managers and young executives may get plethora of quality content about salary skills, management tips, job openings, list of placement consultants, salaries offered and job hunting strategies etc. They can also read inspiring stories of Indian business leaders and billionaires, who made it big despite challenges and difficulties. Latest salary information and trends enables you to meet your salary requirements and prevents you from being pigeonholed by your employer by categorizing you for a certain salary bracket, regardless of your skills and abilities.

You can write to us for any query related to salaries, job market, company information and business opportunities with Naukrihub.com.

-The Naukrihub Team