What is Performance Management outsourcing?
As competition for gaining a larger market share seems to be getting fiercer with every passing day, the need for business organizations and corporate entities to stay commercially viable is of paramount significance. Companies today are learning and realising by experience of the necessity to save every penny for retaining their competitive edge and therefore resorting to harnessing cost-effective operating processes.

One such cost-efficient strategy is ‘performance management outsourcing’. Performance management is a component of HR and entails appraising the job performance of employees’ at all hierarchical levels in an organization. Almost all companies carry out performance evaluations these days in order to gain a firmer control over the organization. Outsourcing performance management lets the HR department of a company focus on its core competency areas in human resource management. Contracting out performance management comprises the following:-

  • Performance Appraisal Module
  • Setting policies, procedures and principles for optimum utilization of human resources
  • Developing an action plan in order to realise short-term and long-term organizational objectives
  • Delineating the major performance parameters
  • Employee feedback management and performance scrutinising
  • Talent supervision and management

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Benefits of Performance Management Outsourcing to Company
Most companies are outsourcing their HR functions including performance management, these days with a view to bring down the back-office outlays that are not only unavoidable but do not generate revenues either. By outsourcing the performance management element, companies are able to save on costs needed to rent extra space to accommodate a full-scale HR division.

Farming out performance management process is especially beneficial for small companies that cannot afford to have a standalone HR department. The variability aspect of the outsourcing costs is another benefit that accrues to businesses as they are able to scale down their expenses on this front as and when required. Other benefits that ensue to an organization as far as performance management outsourcing is concerned are:-

  • Risk Management
  • Increased Efficiency at Workplace
  • Perfect resource utilization
  • Transparency in Performance Management
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Value Addition
  • Competitive Edge

Benefit to Employees
Delegating the performance management task to a service provider that employs HR professionals conversant with the perpetually changing state and federal labour laws has immense benefits for employees. Employees feel satisfied as their performance is being evaluated objectively and without bias by a third party. Consequently, they accept their shortcomings and lacunas more constructively and make sincere endeavours to scale up their productivity levels.

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