Apart from using performance appraisals as a yardstick for one’s performance, learning and accomplishments, it has one more important goal and that is using it as a milestone for career development. It shows us where we stand and what strengths do we possess across different disciplines, required to excel in a particular career.

For example, if someone wants to be a social media manager, and at present he is working as social media executive, his performance appraisal will show different skills he has learnt.
It will show us how efficient he is in using different social media tools, publishing blogs and articles, increasing the fan following, running successful campaigns, engagement, and achieving the objectives of the campaigns. The other skill sets may include, team management, ability to edit blogs, training the interns, planning the campaigns and communicating with the clients. A sustained growth and performance in all of these parameters will indicate that we are being developed as a well rounded social media professional.

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Performance appraisal also reflects the competitive performance of team members. So, for example, if a candidate is exhibiting good performance in all the desired skills, the management can choose him for further training to take up challenging jobs and for promotions.

Performance appraisal is a trusted method of evaluating career development as it includes almost all the details pertaining to a particular job profile over a sustained period of time. Companies use it to identify different talents and abilities of the employees, so as to cultivate them into the desired career directions. It helps them pick the right candidates for a specific profile. So, it helps in avoiding the wastage of resources and getting the right workforce for the organization. If you want to tread a specific career path, it shows us where you stand and which are your areas of improvement.

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