A “training needs assessment”, or “training needs analysis”, is the systematic method of determining if a training need exists and if it does, what training is required to fill the gap between the standard and the actual performance of the employee.

Therefore, training needs analysis is Systematic method of determining performance discrepancies Causes of performance discrepancies
Reasons to conduct training needs analysis

  • Identify the deficiencies
  • Determine whether employees lack KSAs
  • Benchmark for evaluation of training
  • Makes sure training is provided to the right people
  • Increases the motivation of training

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Training needs analysis includes:

  • It improves productivity and the quality of work
  • Subjective work evaluation
  • Compliance with the organisational policies and the local laws
  • Helps in cost-control in the company
  • Helps in the security of the company information
  • ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS – It includes the analysis of
    • Mission & strategies of organization
    • The resources and their allocation
    • Internal environment- attitudes of people
    • Determine KSAs required for standard performance
    • Job analysis
    • Specific areas of training required by the individual
    • Whether an individual is capable of being trained
    • The data regarding the person analysis can be collected through-
      • Performance data
      • Behavioral and aptitude tests &
      • Performance appraisal

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Performance appraisal can significantly help in identifying the training needs of the employees. Performance appraisal helps to reveal the differences and discrepancies in the desired and the actual performance of the employees. The causes of the discrepancies are also found whether they are due to the lack of adequate training or not. The employee can also tell about his training requirements (if any) in his self appraisal. A performance appraisal after the training program can also help in judging the effectiveness of the program.