Q. What is the purpose of performance appraisals?
A. Performance appraisals help to strategically review the performance of the employees, their strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments during the year.
Performance appraisal allows deciding the goals, objectives and the desired performance standards for the employee for the upcoming year.
Q. How should the self appraisal be used?
A. Self appraisal or self evaluation is the review of the performance by the employee himself. The self evaluation should be discussed with the employee and if appropriate, should be incorporated in the final rating.
Q. Is there any comprehensive formula to calculate the overall rating?
A. No, there is no comprehensive formula for doing so. The overall rating should be based on a number of factors like the extent of goals achieved, the overall performance of the employee, his competencies etc.

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Q. How should the ratings be given if there has been a change of supervisor or manager during the period of the appraisal?
A. To complete the Performance appraisal subjectively and fairly, it is advised to consult the previous supervisor or manager. If this is not possible, consult the supervisor’s superior to get his views and inputs.
Q. How can input/feedback be collected for the appraisal process?
A. different input forms can be used for taking the feedback from the various sources like the superior, peers, customers, vendors and the employee himself. All the perspectives thus received should be combined in the appropriate manner and to get an overall, complete view of the employees’ performance. Observation can also be exercised by the superior to obtain information.
Q. What if the employee refuses to agree or/and accept the review?
A. First of all, ensure that the employee has got a chance to review his completed appraisal form. If the employee refuses to accept his appraisal, try to sort out the problem by discussing his reasons of dissatisfaction with him calmly. If the employee refuses to co-operate, then pass the documents to the HR department with a note on it that the employee has refused to accept and let them take the necessary action.
Q. How do you deal with an average or a non-performer?

  • Provide constructive feedback and try to motivate the employee.
  • Keep the focus on the performance, not the personality of the employee.
  • Provide training and development opportunities to the employee
  • Discuss and take the employee’s inputs on how to solve the problem.
  • Plan the course of action and standards in agreement with the employee.
  • If no improvement takes place, inform the human resources or your superior about the problem.

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Q. Should the review be confidential?
A. The Individual performance reviews should be kept confidential and should not be accessible to other employees. They should also be stored at a safe place with limited access. Outdated reviews should be destroyed. The appraisal can also be kept as a part of the HR records of the employee.