Performance appraisal form provides the basis for the performance review, providing the feedback to the employees and the final rating of the employee. It also facilitates various other HR decisions and career development plans and decisions of the employees. Therefore, performance appraisal from should be filled with utmost care and objectivity.
The Performance appraisal form should be filled by the immediate supervisor or manager of the employee in order to ensure that the appraiser if fully acquainted with the performance, responsibilities, targets and standards of the employee. All the instructions and guidelines on the appraisal form should be read and followed carefully.

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  • Be prepared with all the details of the performance, the standards, job description and the past appraisals of the employee.
  • Clear and unambiguous description of the employee performance should be given in terms of average, above average, good and excellent performance.
  • The focus should be on the employees’ behaviour throughout the year and not just his recent performance.
  • Quantify the ratings, wherever possible, to ensure easy comparability.
  • Substantiate and support your rating, and attach all the necessary documents (if required).
  • Apart from the defined performance objectives and results, discuss the related issues as well covering all the aspects of the performance.