Performance appraisal process is incomplete without the feedback given to the employee about his appraisal and his performance. But the way of giving as well as receiving the feedback differs from person to person and their way of handling and their outlook towards the issue.

According to a popular saying:

“A SUCCESSFUL MAN IS ONE WHO CAN LAY A FIRM FOUNDATION WITH THE BRICKS OTHERS HAVE THROWN AT HIM.” Therefore, On the part of the person receiving the feedback, the following points are important to be taken care of:

  • The employee should have a positive attitude towards the feedback process
  • He should listen to the suggestions of the appraiser calmly and try to incorporate them in his plans.
  • He should not hesitate to ask for the help of his superiors.
  • Should have a co-operative attitude during the feedback meeting.
  • Don’t judge the appraiser as a person.
  • Should take the feedback objectively.
  • Should not judge the appraiser as a person on the basis of the feedback.

Know the Use Of IT in Performance Appraisal

On the part of the appraiser or the manager / person giving the feedback, the following points are to be taken care of:

  • The appraiser should make the receiver feel comfortable during the feedback meeting.
  • The appraiser should make it a two – way conversation i.e. let the employee speak.
  • Listen to the employee and note his points, suggestions, problems etc.
  • The appraiser should not adopt a confrontational approach towards the meeting. The goal is not to criticize the employee.
  • Provide a constructive feedback to the employee i.e. in a way which will motivate him to perform better.
  • Have a positive attitude towards the process
  • Try to understand the reasons of his failure.
  • Be fair and objective
  • Prepare yourself for what to say and how to say.
  • Make the appraisal feedback meeting useful and productive for the organization and the employee.