The growing size of the organisations, the competition in the labour market and the importance of the performance management and appraisals have given way to the use of performance appraisal softwares. Many companies providing the HR services and the software companies provide the performance appraisal softwares.
performance appraisals softwaresautomate the appraisal processes and assist the HR by adding online capacities to the processes. The performance appraisal software can be customized according to the needs of the organisation. The various forms and other processes can be designed in accordance to the practices being followed in the organisation.

The software standardizes the appraisal process. The software applications also have guidelines for the users to guide them throughout the process, alerting the users about the errors and mistakes (if any), suggesting the appropriate language to be used, provides a systematic records of the necessary documents to the rater and the HR Department.

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Several software packages are available which also provide the 360 degree review program so that employees can get a multi-rater feedback about their performance.

Benefits of using Performance appraisal softwares

By using the performance appraisal softwares, an organisation can reap the following benefits:

  • The performance appraisal software can be implemented organisation wide, covering all the employees at the levels (from lowest rank to top management) and across all the branches of the organisation throughout the world.
  • Designed with the latest technologies, they are easy to understand and make things structured, organized and standardized throughout the organisation.
  • Performance Measures, KPI and KRA’s, goals and objectives for each employee, team and department can be weighted and listed according to their importance and priority.
  • Use of the standard performance appraisal softwares can help to reduce the subjectivity and the bias in the ratings of the appraisers.
  • It facilitates the calculations and adjustments of the performance related pay and other related HR decisions.
  • Automatic reminders can be sent to the employees and the concerned authorities for the due appraisals.
  • It helps the HR department in appraising the performance and to manage the performance of the employees efficiently and effectively.
  • Helps to improve the productivity of the employees and employee retention in the organisation.
  • Keeps a detailed record of the past performances and the Performance Reviews of the employees.

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