Any performance review process is incomplete without the feedback to the employees. The feedback could be given in the review discussion. Review discussions are semi formal, scheduled, periodic interactions – usually bimonthly or quarterly – between a manager and his employee. The basic purpose of the review discussion is to analyze the performance of the employee in the past to improve the performance of the employee in future.

  • Inform the concerned employees the date, time and place for the review meeting well in advance.
  • Review and be prepared with each and every employee’s
    • Job description
    • Performance standards
    • Planned performance goals
    • Performance measures collected throughout the time period
    • The critical incidents details
    • Past appraisals of the employees.
  • Be ready with all the important dates
  • Give the employee a copy of the appraisal form
  • The appraiser needs to completely understand the standards for the employees at same level to maintain the consistency in the process.
  • Prepare what to say and how to say it calmly.
  • The feedback should be prepared in quantifiable measures where ever possible.
  • The appraiser should be familiar with the performance review form and the details
  • The employee and the appraiser both should be prepared to discuss and figure out the future goals and training needs
  • They should be mentally prepared for constructive feedback
  • Collect as many evidences to support your point as possible like the monthly, quarterly progress reports.

Know the Performance Appraisal Process