Any performance review process is incomplete without the feedback to the employees. The feedback could be given in the review discussion. Review discussions are semi formal, scheduled, periodic interactions – usually bimonthly or quarterly – between a manager and his employee. The basic purpose of the review discussion is to analyze the performance of the employee in the past to improve the performance of the employee in future.

A review discussion is an opportunity to coach, mentor, learn and understand. The manager encourages his/her employees to critically reflect over progress made on the performance plan and to develop creative, yet feasible alternatives for problem areas

The manager uses this opportunity to:

  • Review the performance of the each employee individually.
  • Discuss the problems faced by the employees during the course of action.
  • The solutions tried, and the degree of success achieved in solving the problems faced.
  • Revisit with the employee, his/ her annual plan for the remaining time period and develop revised action plans, if necessary.

Review discussions reassure the employees that each one of them has structured opportunities for one to one interaction with the manager once every two or three months during the year. These opportunities are important as they provide an important chance for performance monitoring or development mentoring. The aim of the performance review discussions is to share perceptions, solve the problem faced during the course of the action, decide on the new goals jointly and provide a feedback to the employee for the past performance i.e. to look at his strengths and weaknesses and also help to chart out a career plan for the employee.

Know the Performance Appraisal Process

The focus of these performance review discussions should not be judge the employees’ past performance; rather it should be to motivate the employee the employee to improve his future performance and reinforce his good behaviour.