Self appraisal is the self evaluation where the employee himself gives the feedback or his views and points regarding his performance. The employee himself critically analyses the performance, his strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, problems faced, the training and development needs (if any) etc. The self appraisal form generally starts with the employee details like:

  • The name of the employee
  • Designation
  • Date of joining
  • Date of last appraisal
  • Department
  • Reporting officer

Know the Performance Appraisal Process

The next section is, commonly, designed to gather the information from the employee regarding his on-the-job performance and his responsibilities:

  • The current responsibilities held by the employee
  • Accomplishments
  • Goals for the next appraisal period
  • Areas for improvement
  • Training requirements felt for the present job
  • Responsibilities the employee would like to add to his current responsibilities
  • Problems faced
  • Solutions tried
  • Measures taken for personal and professional development

  • Best and worst aspects of the job
  • Is the superior supportive

The form also includes a section where the employee rates himself on various behavioral parameters like:

  • Communication skills
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Team work
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Maturity

The self appraisal form also includes a section where the employee can quote examples and incidents to support his ratings and answers.

The self appraisal form generally ends with a subjective section asking for suggestions and the choice of discussing any other topic that the employee feels the need to raise and discuss.