The rapid developments in the information technology have not left any sphere of the human work life untouched. The organisations are growing in size, functions, are working across nations and thus are becoming more and more complex to handle. More and more organisations are integrating information technology (IT) in their human resource (HR) activities to improve their effectiveness.

Know the Performance Appraisal Process

Technology helps to measure and manage the employee performance. It helps to automate the processes of HR and save time and cost and reduce the efforts required and the paperwork. According to a survey, more than 30 percent of the respondent organisations are already using or are planning to buy software for the performance management in the organisation.

To help and automate the processes of Performance appraisal management, organisations are increasingly taking the help of various performance management softwares like

  • Workforce Performance Management (WPM) suite systems and
  • Talent Management Softwares

which help to systematically record all the data about the employee performance, pre-determined targets and the results achieved, compensation, succession planning and other related HR systems. The various forms can be filled online and can be submitted to the HR.
The information is systematically stored in metrics where the current employee performance can be compared with the targets and the standards. These systems also help to analyze the training needs of the employees, systematically monitor their progress and their review and feedback and the improvement in the performances.
Such software systems are provided by IT companies which they help to implement and integrate in the processes of the organisations.

The organisations today have the choice of buying a ready to use licensed software package or can get a customized software system prepared according to its own needs and requirements.