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Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd.

Rasi Seeds is a leading seed company which is known for seed production and research and development(R&D). it was founded by M Ramasami in 1973. The company has expanded into a multi-crop, multi-location quality research. The company is committed to serve the needs of farmers across India by supplying quality seeds of various crops. Rasi has emerged as a leader in Bt cotton seed distribution in India. Rasi Seeds has achieved a total turnover of over Rs 340 crore during the year 2006-07. The company has a staff strength of 420 personnel including PhD, MSc (Ag), BSc (Ag), and diploma holders both in R&D and production sections. The company has a strength of over 12,000 growers for the production of cotton, rice, bajra, maize, vegetables and other crops over an an area of
10,000 acres. The company is known for dedication and unity of its employees. It strieves to create a synergical work environment for its employees. It also bagged the "Bio Agri Company of the year 2007" award for its outstanding efforts in promotion of BT cotton.