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India - a place where guests are considered and treated as a form of god, hospitality sector is one of the greenest pasture of Indian industry. Known for its quality and the standards of customer service, India has become a leading destination of the tourists across the world. The hospitality industry can be divided into two basic sectors: Hotel industry and Travel and Tourism industry.

The Indian hospitality sector has recorded the compounded annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 15 percent. The rate of growth has been more or less consistent over the last few years.
Encouraged by the booming economy and tourism, increased spending on leisure, the growing demand and the shortages of room space, many renowned players in the global hospitality industry are coming to India to capture the ever growing Indian market. Few of them are Hilton Group, Accor Hospitality, Marriott International, InterContinental Hotels Group. The Indian players are foraying into and have established themselves in foreign markets. The names include the biggies like ITC hotels, Raddison Hotels, Indian Hotels Company Ltd., Oberoi Hotels, and Asian Hotels etc.

Employment in Indian Hospitality sector:
The growing hospitality sector is one of the biggest contributors as an employer in Indian economy. It has tremendous scope of generating employment in India and offers lucrative careers and great employment opportunities in hotels, travel and tour organisations, retailing and cultural industries etc. With the increasing competition in the industry, the number of employment opportunities in the sector is also increasing at a tremendous rate. The sector is adding around 4 million jobs per year in India. There is a great demand for the hospitality students especially hotel management. The organisations are also focusing on the skills, training and development (both personal and professional) of the professionals, and providing them fast career progress.

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