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Star Employers: Ginger Hotels

Ginger hotels is a chain of Smart-Basic (read low-cost) three star hotels pan India, run by the Roots Corporation. Launched in 2004, it is a subsidiary of the Indian Hotels Limited - a part of the Tata Group. Ginger hotels have started a new revolution in the Indian industry in terms of their affordable services and smart prices. The company is on an expansion mode with a plan to increase the number of hotels to 50 till 2010.

Ginger Hotels is the place to be for professionals in the hospitality sector as it focuses equally on employee satisfaction as the satisfaction of its customers. Dynamism, creativity and empowerment are embedded in its working environment.
Regular training programs, growth opportunities of its employees make it a preferred employer in the industry. Job rotation, multi-skills and multi-tasking gives ample opportunities of development to its employees.