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HCL Technologies

HCL is the leading technology and IT enterprise in India. Founded in 1979, HCL enterprise’s business model has 2 divisions- HCL Infosystems and HCL Technologies. HCL Technologies deals with the IT (custom applications, engineering and R&D, infrastructure management etc.) and BPO services and targets global markets. Whereas HCL Infosystems deals with IT, communication, office automation products & system integration and it targets the Indian market.

Apart from its strong Indian presence, HCL is also making its presence felt globally with its operations spreading across 18 countries. HCL has more than 51,109 employees working for it and 500 clients across the globe.
HCL has secured the position in the top 5 IT players in India and was also ranked at number one in the employee satisfaction by Dataquest IDC Best Employer Survey.

HCL invests wisely in its people. Hired through rigorous campus and lateral recruitment processes, HCL takes care of its employees through its unique policies like ‘Employee First’ and various other retention policies. HCL offers a culture which fosters innovation and leadership. Its human resource practices have made it a preferred employer in the IT sector.