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Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited

Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, a Flagship enterprise of the Future Group, is a leading name in the Indian retail scenario. Its retail offerings are in the following verticals: e-tailing, food, fashion, home appliances & electronics, Telecom & IT, leisure and entertainment, beauty products, books & music, and general merchandise. Pantaloon has more than 1000 stores spread over 51 cities in India and has over 24,000 professionals.

Pantaloon's Big bazaar is a well-known name in the Indian retail. Since its first store in 1997, Pantaloons has come a long way from being a family store to focusing on youth and "fresh fashion"; from retailing just external brands to its own private brands.
National Retail federation (US) awarded Pantaloon as the "International Retailer of the year". It has a subsidiary Home Solutions Retail (India) Limited and also has an online portal -