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December 14, 2012

Britannia Industries Limited, a glorious history in India

Britannia, a glorious history in IndiaBritannia is India’s one of the oldest companies and it’s also one of the many unprecedented growth stories of Indian entrepreneurship. The company originated from a normal middle class house in Kolkata in 1892. It had such a humble beginning that the “venture capital” used to launch the company was just Rs. 295.  But, if the growth curve of any ambitious start up is anything to go by, they start using the latest technologies and focus on quality right from the beginning. In 1910, it became the first bakery to use machines operated by electricity and in 1921, it bought gas ovens from UK. Due to its ambitious streak it acquired nationwide reputation for quality and as a result, it soon bagged a government contract to supply “biscuits” to the military in bulk.  With the advent of English culture, the biscuit market was growing in India. In a major development in 1975, the distribution of Britannia products was taken over by the management of the company from Parry’s. In 1978, the company went public and issued its shares and then it was firmly established as an Indian company.  It was also renamed as Britannia Industries Limited. In 1984, its turnover reached over 100 crore Indian rupees.  In 1989, its corporate office was shifted to Bangalore.In 1992, it completed 100 years of its existence and celebrated the Platinum Jubilee.  The company was slowly becoming an international brand and they introduced a marketing slogan, “Eat Healthy, Think Better.”  And then they launched their dairy products as well. In 1994, its capacity crossed 1 lakh tons of biscuits.By the turn of the century, it had already emerged as a leading brand of India in food products and it added feathers to its cap by running the most successful marketing activity of the year in 2011.  Its product Britannia 50-50 Maska-Chaska became an instant hit in the market just after its launch.It also partnered with Fonterra, and entered the dairy products with the business name Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. In the meantime it earned laurels from all corners and was listed among the “top 200 SSIs” globally by Forbes. Locally, accolades were bestowed upon it by The Economic Times, when it termed it as the second “most trusted brand” of India. In 2003, it successfully launched 'Treat Duet' making it the product of the year.100 years, after its inception, Britannia is not only going strong, but it’s breaking all its previous records of success. And the company which was started with a meager Rs. 295 has a market capitalization of a whopping Rs. 6000 crore.So, from the mass market products like Britannia Tiger Biscuits, it’s reining in the market through Milkman Cheese. It’s a preferred brand of more than 30 crore Indians, which is around one third of its population.  Britannia is committed towards innovation and quality and it will continue to win the trust of millions of its loyal customers.Nowadays, people are becoming health conscious and at the same time they are adopting an improved lifestyle as well. So, the companies especially the food companies should be very cautious regarding the quality of their products and their commitment towards the health of the individuals. It’s the only guarantee to succeed and stay ahead in the market. They are asking for nutritional products and dietary changes are visible in the society as people ask for the “sugar free” biscuits and biscuits with barley and wheat content. They are looking for convenience and variety, when they choose the products.“Eat Healthy, Think Better”To cater to these changes in the market, their marketing repositioning as “Eat Healthy, Think Better” seems to be justified.  Their corporate mission is : 'Make every third Indian a Britannia consumer.'They are aggressively targeting this new group of customers and generation next through these marketing strategies. They have also launched couple of delightful and tasty products to serve the new generation of customers. There slogan has become their “unique sales proposition” and carries the corporate message to the masses. It also guides the company towards its future direction and course of action.In 2004, Britannia went from India’s leading brand to become a “superbrand” with its annual volumes crossing 3 lakh tons of biscuits. Coconut, was added to its Good Day range in the same year.In 2005, Britannia Tiger was relaunched. It also announced 'Greetings' range of premium assorted gift packs along with many other products. They also set up a new plant in Uttaranchal to add to their production capacity.  In 2006, NutriChoice Hi-Fibre Digestive biscuits were relaunched in a nicer and bigger pack for global customers.Best Known HR Polices and Employee welfare at Britannia Industries Ltd.Towards the welfare of their employees, they have announced many units inside the organization such as

  •     Britannia Employees Medical Welfare Association Private Limited,

  •     Britannia Employees Educational Welfare Association Private Limited and

  •     Britannia Employees General Welfare Association Private Limited.

According to its audit report these are the companies limited by guarantee. Their inception has largely been done for the educational, medical and general welfare of the Britannia staffers. They are not commercial in nature and it is to prove that Britannia is committed for the welfare of its employees.  Britannia Industries ReviewsAccording to the employee review of the HR policies at Britannia, at Indeed dot com, Britannia has got four star out of five for salary and benefits, four stars out of five for job culture, four start out of five for job security and three star out of five each for management rating and work life balance.Employee Benefits at BritanniaBritannia has a pension scheme in place for all its employees, who retire as Britannia employees. Reviews of Management and supervisors by the employees are very good and positive.Employee BenefitsThere are short term benefits and long term benefits for the employees of Britannia. According to the MoneyControl dot com’s audit report of the company, anybody who has worked with the company for around 12 months are eligible for short-term benefits which might reflect in their salary, performance incentives, short-term compensated absences.The long term benefits depend on your contribution towards Provident Fund, and Pension Fund, etc. Apart from that there are other long term employee benefits, such as compensated leaves, voluntary retirement scheme, and employee stock options.Reward for InnovationBritannia rewards its employees for innovative things and extra-ordinary achievements etc. They also promote extra-curricular activities and run excellent medical befit schemes. 

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