Does Infosys feed the Learning Curve crave well

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.- Harold S. Geneen

One looks at the sprawling infrastructure at the Infosys Mysore campus with awe. The amazing architecture with tastefully done landscaping always puts the right first impression. Being the first Indian company which has made it on the NASDAQ listing, the brand ‘Infosys’ oozes with the sentiment of success and pride.

For the Indian fraternity working with Infosys is synonym with getting into the league of highly intellect. Every year thousands of students in different college campuses take the campus interview with the aspiration of making it to the unofficial brand ambassador of the Indian Silicon Valley.

The Employee Care Centre at Mysore spreads out all but the red carpet for the rookies, they are spoiled with awesome accommodation and recreational facilities. A complete win-win situation where you are paid to study and perform well in the training modules. The training imparted at the Mysore centre focuses on channelizing the text book learning into employability. To make the human resource into talent resource a structured training curriculum of over 12-29 weeks is carried through. Once the euphoria subsides, the shades of reality seep through the glass windows. As the training gets momentum with the rookies clearing the module test hurdles the not so competent lose out and we see the percentage of dropouts on the rise.

Those coming out in flying colors from the Global Education Centre of the Infosys Mysore are then sent to different business units as per requirement. The rookie is now ready to start with the on the job training and get a steep learning curve.

Know the Salary of Various Jobs in Infosys

Infosys HR policies focus on all the four crucial zones, namely Recruitment, Training, Performance Management and Rewards & Recognition. The bouquet of employee centric policies bloom with both monetary and non monetary benefits. It is well respected for its commitment to values and ethics but over the years the sheen has been coming off with the attrition on the rise. The long hours at work with the unholy feeling of being paid below the average market salary makes the best of the talent rickety. However for a fresher for whom the learning is of primary importance these factors could be compromised on. There is a rush of adrenalin as you get to your workstation aspiring to become an important part in the entire scheme of things. The work assigned starts to make sense as you see your long term goals getting aligned with the company’s vision. But in present times of economic recession is Infosys able to offer a healthy learning curve.

The internet is filled with experiences of employees both present and past of not getting the right learning opportunity. Bright minds handpicked from campuses all across are made to do work on mechanical monotonous tasks. The brains trained to work on logic to create codes and make commendable contributions to technology get rusted doing testing and maintenance jobs. The onsite opportunities are eagerly awaited but the long hours at client site takes the cream out of the cake. To add to the pain the promotions come in trickles.

With the changes in HR policy and the introduction of iRACE (Infosys Role And Career Enhancement) the management believed that the right person would be rewarded with the right role. However employees fear that this has made the structure more hierarchical with the climb up the ladder more sluggish. The rewards are no longer cooked with the healthy proportions of competence and experience. Known for one of the best training methodology adopted for new hires, Infosys seems to falter as the expectation grows. The policies do make it important for employees to clear the necessary certifications at each level to be eligible for the next level. However the lack of opportunities to put the text book learning into practice and honing the skill sets is making the curve dawdling.

The reviews available at sites like Glassdoor rate Infosys at 3.1 with a approval for CEO, S.D. Shibulal at 49%. The organization does not feature in the top 25 Great Places to Work 2012 survey. Over the years Infosys’s success contributors have been the Leadership, Innovative Ideas, Efficiency and Effectiveness and Employee facilities but to keep the wheel spinning it is time for the HR to grease it with ample learning opportunities at all levels and pump with adequate reward system.

Last Updated: October 13, 2012

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