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December 5, 2012

Dos and Don'ts of an office party

An office party or outing is basically a method of unwinding or celebrating an achievement, milestone, holiday, or foundation day etc. with your colleagues and coworkers. It is time to have fun, but there are certain limitations of these official parties. There is a code of conduct for such parties that needs to be followed in order to maintain decorum and discipline. After all, you are celebrating the party with the people, who are responsible for your perks and advancement of your career.

Some dos of an office party:

  • Dress for the occasion: You should strictly avoid provocative, flashy, and revealing dresses. Always remember that an office party has an official tag attached to it. So, even though there is some touch of glamour in all types of parties, an office party cannot be allowed to become uncontrollable.

  • Meet your managers and the owners: An office party is the best opportunity to know your supervisors and interact with them in a casual environment. Some of these officials are too busy inside the office, but in a party they would be pleased to shake hands with you. You can also introduce yourself and exchange some light pleasantries. You can also share some of your ideas that can bring about some positive change in the organization.

  • Do not act as a doomsday naysayer: It is true that the economy is not good. It is also true that things are not that sunny in the corporate world. But an office party is not a good place to discuss or spread negative sentiments. These things can be left to be discussed at the board meetings. An office party is meant to unwind and rejuvenate the employees and you should always remember its purpose. Always try to maintain an atmosphere of cheerfulness, even if somebody else is talking nonsense.

  • Decide in advance if you want to consume alcohol: If you want to have liquor, take it in limits and always keep an eye on your seniors. People generally forget that in an official party, they are often being watched and judged and any irresponsible behavior may impact their future prospects.

  • Introduce your spouse: If you are accompanied by your spouse at an office party, always be prepared in advance to introduce her/him. You should properly rehearse the entire introduction process, as you may have to repeat the entire process several times in a party. It acts as a positive plug.

  • Stay away from your cell phone: It may be the worst thing in an office party, if someone is glued to their cell phone most of the time. People want to interact with you and this opportunity should not be missed. It is the best time to rub shoulders with your higher-ups at any distraction would result in a loss for you.

  • Be grateful to the party planner: Never forget to say thanks to party planner, because he's the person, who has given you this wonderful opportunity in the first place. Being thankful to him is not only a humane gesture, but also an effort to stand apart from the crowd.

Here are some don’ts of an office party:

  • Don't booze beyond limit: Alcohol has a very adverse effect upon your judgment and control; therefore it should be taken within limits, especially in an office party. You should not exceed one mixed drink or a peg of wine. Sometimes, you end up doing silly things, when you are under the effect of alcohol, but later on you regret it. And even if you can control yourself, boozing a little extra gives a wrong impression. Remember the mantra, “it is an office party and not a bachelors’ party, so behave and be within your limits.”

  • Control your passionate side: An office party is an occasion, where you can interact with your coworkers outside the roof of your office. It should not be confused with a rave party or a bar. You should also keep a distance from your workplace romantic interests at these parties.

  • Avoid flirtatious gestures: You should strictly avoid flirtatious gestures and sexually provocative overtures, which may spoil your image and destroy your reputation. Even if it is with a good intent, it should be kept for some other occasion.

  • Avoid revealing or indecent dresses: As a rule, something which cannot be worn in the office, should be strictly avoided in the office party as well. Though, you can put on party clothes but you should not be scantily dressed.

  • Do not expose you guarded secrets: Sometimes people get too relaxed in the office parties and reveal those guarded secrets, they should never share with anyone. This might also happen under the influence of alcohol. So be very careful about it.

  • Don't crack dirty jokes: You should never crack dirty or offensive jokes in an office party. Somebody may take it seriously and take action against you, which would result in a loss of reputation for you.

  • Avoid offensive language: You should strictly avoid four letter words, obscene language and slangs. Not only does it sound unprofessional, but it also acts against your credibility.

  • Avoid backbiting: You should strictly avoid backbiting and talking filthy about others. There might be different types of people around you and you never know who is loyal to the person you are backbiting.

  • Do not bring your friends to an office party: Since an office party is meant for your coworkers only, your personal friends might be uninvited guests. You can do it only if you have the permission from the organizers.

  • Do not feign excuses to skip the party: An office party is not a personal party. It is an extension of your corporate life, so you should not feign excuses not to attend the party. It is applicable even in the case, where you don't like your coworkers or the managers. This is once in a while opportunity to spend some quality time with your coworkers without any work related stress or bitterness.

  • Don't eat like a glutton: You should strictly avoid over-eating or monopolizing the buffet. Again, it does not throw a good impression of yours regardless of how efficient you are in the office.

  • Don’t discuss politics, religion and race: You should also not discuss religion, politics and race. You should steer clear of any biased views or political discussion. Personal issues and office politics should also be not discussed. We should try to remain cheerful and avoid all kind of stressful conversation.

  • Bring a gift for your boss: It is always a good gesture on your part to present a gift to your boss. An office party is the best occasion for it and it builds strong relationships at workplace; however, you should avoid the act of flattery.

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