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March 1, 2013

Flexi work hours- Do they really help


With companies at edge, recessions hitting almost every 3-4 years and people running to accumulate more and more wealth, one is left with no time for themselves or their families. The space between personal life and professional commitments is no more visible. Thus in this highly competitive era where people have given almost all their time to meet their personal responsibilities and professional goals, flexible working hours can open a new window to better performance. Flexible work hours can be a boon or bane, depending on how you use it to your advantage.

Flexible working hours mean either a change of work hours, or a change in the work pattern (like job sharing or split jobs), or a change in the work place (like working from their homes). It can help in maintaining consistent employees as they have certain freedom to change their work hours while managing their personal life.

Empowered yet liberated by internet and mobile solutions, today our office can be carried around in a palm sized tablet. So why follow the traditional hours of working!

How to make flexible work hours a boon for your existing set up?


Set eligibility criteria for bestowing your best resources with flexible work timings, this way not only be attrition level be low, employees will be more motivated but it will also promote sense of ownership amongst workers.

Make it a compulsion that an employee can ask for flexible work hour system only if he or she is a parent or has a responsibility to take care of a child. The employee can only ask for the same if him or her:

-has been working with the current employer for minimum of a year

-or, is a casual employee who has been regularly employed for at least a year or is likely to continue work

-or, has to take care of a child who is an under 18 handicapped child, or a child who is under school age.

environment and job profiles can have flexi hours


Happy Employees ensure happy workplace, thus more productivity and better ROI. Flexible working hours encourage more dedicated workforce and better output. Let us have a sneak peek at other advantages of flexible working hours.

  • It gives greater freedom to employees

  • Makes commuting easier and faster by avoiding travelling during the rush hours.

  • Reduces nonattendance record and compensates for reaching late in work place.

  • Increases productivity as employees are happier and more at peace.

  • Encourages employees to have a better work life balance,

  • improves the morale of employees towards work

  • overtime is reduced

  • Sense of ownership and commitment towards the company increases manifold

  • Reduces attrition rate

Disadvantages of Flexible Working Hours

Despite the advantages of flexible working hours, there are certain drawbacks too. Administering this policy sometimes proves to involve cost. Flexible working hours however convenient may not be apt for all business types.

Also this work style may not be suitable for organizations which require continuous cover as employees might not be available at times at the work place. How to address this issue?


Flexible working hours should have a period called the core time when all the employees of the organization are expected to be present at work. This common time enables everyone to interact, follow up, organize meetings and resolve issues.

But flexible working hours are not for certain employees and all types of organizations. It is decided on the basis of nature and need of job by a panel of expertise.

Generally the core time in most of the companies is 10 am to 4 pm.

Kind of Businesses in which Flex working hours may be incorporated:

KPO: These can allow employees to work from home for certain profiles. Since the business does not need physical presence and meetings can be done via video calls, flexible working hours can certainly be incorporated.

Telecommuting: One need not be in the office to sit and make calls, and can do it from any remote location at convenient business working hours and thus this module allows flexible working hours model.

Media: With the tool and technology handed over to employees, flexible working hours can easily be incorporated for employees from media background.

Sales/Target oriented: As far as the targets are being met, employers should not bother as to what number of hours employees are attending office, since longer hours does not necessarily suggest quality work.  

Other businesses which can incorporate flexible working hours are: people related with accounting jobs, writing jobs, website designing, software development, etc.  


Various companies have adopted flexible working hours as they provide commercial and personal benefits to both-the business and the employees. They enable an increase in productivity in real sense and also a greater generation of revenue.

The business managers all around the globe have been reporting that staffs are more motivated and energized, all because of flexible working scheme.

Various companies have benefited from this policy. The same has also been observed in a world famous info imaging company-EASTMAN KODAK.


With a work force of almost 70000 and operating in over 30 countries, Eastman Kodak provides flextime facility to its employees who desire to maintain a balance between work and life.

All employees of this firm, conditional as well as regular, can request for flexible working hours, without considering their geographic location or position. The only criteria are that the arrangement must not have an adverse effect on the business.

The company has flexible working hours incorporated in its policies is cleared to its employees at the time of orientations of new hires, on the company newsletters and also on the company's website.

Eastman Kodak has various success stories in which the supervisors and employees have benefited from these flexible work arrangements. This system has proved to be beneficial in recruiting man-power and retaining them, as it provides opportunity for the employees to manage their work hours in a more creative and responsive manner with other commitments. Trust and regular communication is highly responsible for making this program effective. Thus Eastman Kodak has appreciated the incorporation of flexible working hours in their systems as it has helped them in rapid growth in various aspects.

Many businesses flourishing world wide have agreed on the basis of evidence of hard research that flexible working hours have helped them and other big and small companies overcome the barrier of growth. The direct result of this practice is an increase in productivity and an increment in revenue, because of energized and motivated staffs because of following this practice. A proper balance is also maintained in an individual’s life between their work load and their personal life. Thus, flexible working hours has become a key part of major business firms for development as flexibility has proved to be successful in driving productivity.

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