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December 18, 2012

Hinduja Group

The Hinduja Group is one of the oldest companies of India, founded by Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja in 1914. Hinduja originally hailed from Sind in Punjab. He started business in Mumbai and there was no looking back for the small start up ever since as it rose up the business graph at a rapid pace. In 1919, it became a multi national player with an office established in Iran. In 1979, the headquarters were shifted to Europe. Presently the headquarters of the Hinduja Group are in London.

What began as a firm for Merchant Banking and Trade has evolved into one of the largest and diversified business groups of the country with a footprint in almost all continents. There are offices in most of the major cities and more than 40,000 people are employed with the group all across the globe. Their portfolio is also myriad: automotives, foundries, banking, education, health, power, chemicals, technologies – think of a sector, and you would find representation from the Hinduja Group. They are also involved in various philanthropic activities.

Most of the companies of the Hinduja Group are common names in our household and immediate environment. They are associated with trust, dependability and quality. And familiarity, of course - while some of us may be banking with Indusind Bank, all of us have seen buses and heavy vehicles manufactured by Ashok Leyland.


The founder, Parmanand Hinduja believed that one’s family makes the man he is on present date. So he treated all stakeholders in his business as family – be it employees, consultants, clients and more. He has successfully inculcated his principles in his heirs, and these traditions are followed even today!

The Hinduja family has remained as a close knit unit even today. Communication is the key that transcends all boundaries of timezones they may be located in. They consult with each other before taking any decision.

Vedic principles of work: 'Service with devotion' and ' Willingness to see fulfillment of one's self-interest in the active promotion of the interest of the collective' are encouraged to be adopted and followed by each member under the umbrella of the Hindujas. 

The founder himself used to say, "My Dharma (duty) is to work, so that I can give." He personally handheld and guided the work culture to evolve into something based out of mutual trust, honesty, cohesion, integrity and cooperation.

Hurdles in the Success Story

Although the stalwarts of Hinduja Group have led with honest devotion, the path to their present summit of success has not been exactly a feast of roses.

Three Hinduja brothers, Prakash, Srichand and Gopichand had been linked to the Bofors Scandal, which alleged corrupt practices and illegal transcations with a Swedish firm called Bofors and various officials of the Indian Government. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) charged the three Hindujas in 2000, and the trial ran for five long years, attracting lot of attention from media and public. Ultimately, no concrete evidence was found against them and the case was closed by the High Court in Delhi.

There have been some further controversies that attempted to highlight illegal practices or incidents of taking undue advantage, but have not been able to taint the reputation of the Hinduja Group whatsoever.

What makes Hinduja Group a great employer to work with?

Hinduja Group is a dream organization to work with mainly due to its reputation in any industry worldwide. You get a special feeling of pride being associated with a company that has been around for now almost 100 years on the world map. Anyone would recognize the company at the very mention of it. Moreover, you get the exposure to modern practices from all parts of the globe, get enriched by interacting with overseas offices, learn from good and bad experiences.

The work culture is extremely oriented towards people, that brings out the very best in them. And this applies to every business venture the Hindujas have entered into. They look for candidates with a frame of mind to serve the community at large, and once they become part of the Hinduja brand, he is made to undergo the relevant rounds of training. They are also given inputs to balance professional and personal lives, manage work related stresses to keep health issues at bay.

The management practices are modern, yet oriented towards the human resources, their development and welfare. A professional is allocated tasks that are suitable to his educational background, experience and interest areas. For example, if an engineer has a talent for writing, he would be utilized actively in development of technical reports, journals, etc. Goals are set for an individual which are realistic, yet challenges his capabilities to put in that bit of extra effort to deliver better and better.  The Hindujas believe that a good worker inspires others too. Healthy competition is encouraged among employees by appreciating good performances and giving incentives to people who not only meet their targets but achieve more than what is expected out of them.

The Hindujas have made special effort to appreciate the local traditions and culture. They have modified their policies (such as list of holidays) at a particular location as per the needs of the local people. They have also endeavoured to bring the local people abreast with the Indian culture. They have also contributed in multi lateral relationships between governments of two countries, the people and the government and more.

Hindujas also teach you that the customer or consumer is God for the company, and they should make all efforts to satisfy him. Every individual is encouraged to execute his duties with dedication and honesty,  adopt safe practices and abide by regulations to ensure that the final product produced by the company is perfect, and safe for the consumer to use. The group endeavours to identify the needs of the modern customer and evolves their services to suit the fast lifestyles of the youth of today. Their people oriented services have made Hinduja Group a trusted name in India today.

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