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September 5, 2013

How to tackle Job loss

 How to tackle Job loss?

The global recession of 2008 has changed many things, including creating the fear of losing jobs anytime.  However, every calamity has a silver lining and during the course of time, people learn to live with new realities at last.  The increased insecurity about losing your job is no different either.  There are ways that you can survive through these tough phases and sometimes such episodes turn out to be even better for your career.

 Stop mourning your loss 

So, the first solution is to stop mourning your loss and develop a feasible plan to win a new job or a new career. It includes upgrading your skills and qualifications. Though, it is obvious that if you have spent more than a decade in a particular job or career, it becomes extremely difficult and challenging to switch to a new career. More often, we do feel bad after losing a job and it is an obvious psychological outcome.  Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control are responsible for job losses, but we have a tendency to blame ourselves, which is self-destructive in such situations. It kills all our confidence. 

 Difference between accepting the responsibility and blaming yourself for job loss

Accepting full responsibility of our failures is good in terms of strategy, but the same strategy may not always be good, especially when we need to boost our morale and need some kind of motivation to keep going and overcome a trauma. If we consider the recession of the scale of 2008, this strategy becomes even more destructive, as very few people actually had any kind of control over this monstrous global crisis.  So, we should not worsen the condition further by scarring our mind and hurting our dependents.

 Analyze the whole situation

First of all, we should accept the reality, whatever it is!  If, our performance or bad decisions are responsible for our job loss, we should immediately handle the situation by working upon it and analyzing the whole situation, so that we do not repeat the same mistakes in future. Sometimes, the blame game by your colleagues and rivals magnifies your fault, whereas it is not that big a thing.  Learn to take such things in stride, and learn to move ahead without any feeling of remorse or injury. 

 Learn from the firing of Lee Iacocca of Chrysler Motors fame

This will help you to bounce back like Lee Iacocca did, when he was fired from the position of the CEO of Ford Motors.  He joined the top job with Chrysler later on and the rest is history.  It is because of his performance at Chrysler that gave him name, fame and identity and not his previous job at Ford Motors, where he was “just another” manager.  Remember, God has a plan for everyone and it is the best plan ever.  So don't let the fear of failure overwhelm you and continue to work your way up normally as you do when you slip on the road. 

Remember, that you're not the only one who has lost his job this way.  There are many other people who are in similar or even worse situation.  Take a break, and spend some time alone at a scenic place, especially an open restaurant and think over a cup of coffee.  Analyze the whole situation, and your role in it.  You should also consider your weaknesses and shortcomings. Soon, a pattern will emerge and that would help you to understand the situation and take appropriate measures.  Once you develop a plan, don’t waste your time mourning over the episode and instead stick to the plan religiously.  Very soon, you will see tremendous success coming your way and it can also put you on the road to self-actualization.

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