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September 6, 2013

Intel, a great place to work in India !

Introduction: Intel India Intel is a leading international IT company, pioneering in making microprocessors for computers and PCs.  Intel specializes in miniaturizing and adding computing power to these microchips.  Intel enjoys the reputation of being a world-class employer.  Intel’s Bangalore office in India is also ranked as the second best place to work in India, in an India-wide survey conducted by the Great Places to Work Institute (GPWI).  The first place goes to Google.  Intel runs many employee-centric and social welfare scheme all across the world. 

Employee empowerment

The best thing about Intel is its commitment towards employee empowerment.  Employees are encouraged to participate and provide their inputs in the meetings and conversations that are held frequently.  It is encouraged for quick decision making.  Even the comparatively new employees are asked to share their opinion and lots of new ideas are discussed to improve the functioning of the company.  

In a meeting, they have a brainstorming session, where a lot of ideas are discussed and shared. Exchange of ideas and opinions make the experience of a meeting far richer than the meetings where some commanding managers give a long speech with the help of PPTs, which is largely a one sided interaction and employees tend to sleep in those sessions. 

Most of the employees, who were interviewed at Intel, said that their suggestions were taken well and they were made to feel equals.  So, an employee is heard, if he has the data and something to share.  Employees are transferred at global locations for enhanced learning and all-round development of their personalities.  Innovative and environment friendly drives such as paperless offices are practiced widely in Intel offices.  Intel is now much committed to social causes and ways in which they can touch the lives of people.  

Intel has a roadmap for the year 2013 ready and according to that, Intel wants to make its Indian operations more robust, reliable, respected, productive and the best in the region.  They also want their engineering department to improve its delivery and create repeatable products both in domestic and international market.

Intel is also looking closely at women empowerment and participation on a macro level.  In a recently held conference, it was concluded that Indian women were at par with their US counterparts in the field of information and communication.  There were some differences, however on the vertical movement in career etc.  Intel also discussed the ways during the conference that the US experience would be duplicated in India, so that India does not have to go through the same trial and error route.  It will save time for them as well. Innovation by ordinary people

According to Intel, normal people can make extraordinary impact.  Innovation dominates the technological world, but it is often invisible.  Every time, there is a new invention, upgrade or development, innovation is always present.  If we uncover and explore those cases, where the people make it big through sheer power of courage and innovation, a wave of optimism would emerge.


Intel also believes in nurturing talent right from the schools. Intel lays great emphasis upon learning and innovation. They empower and encourage competition among the students, who they think are future scientists and engineers. 

Inspiring innovation at schools

Intel respects and rewards innovation and for that they arrange science competitions among schools.  Student-research and their success at completing the Ph D and masters’ courses are directly related and Intel prepares a base for innovative approach through investing in science competitions. 

Employees’ feedback at Intel

 Intel's employees have rated it as a very good company to work for.  It received excellent score in all the parameters including work-life balance, career opportunities, benefits and compensation, culture and values and attitude of senior management.  95% people, who work for Intel approved Brian M Krzanich, the CEO.  A whopping 85% of employees recommend Intel to a friend.

A former employee of Intel’s India office in Bangalore, who worked as field applications engineer for around five years, termed it a company, which offers unlimited opportunities for career growth and offers equal opportunities to all.  According to him, the processes and systems in use are excellent.  Sometimes, the employees take these opportunities taken for granted and misuse it, which is not a good practice.  Senior management is very helpful and they set the benchmarks for others to follow.  Most of the people were optimistic about the company and said that they would like to recommend it to a friend.

According to a physical design intern working in Bangalore office, the salaries and other perks are much better at Intel India.  It provides opportunities to nurture leadership and teaches the value of teamwork.  It is also a very good workplace for self-improvement, but the process of verification consumes much more time than the actual task.  According to him, the working hours are more than the common practice in the market.  He was willing to recommend Intel to a friend and wanted the senior management to go for a little more improvement.

Salaries at Intel India

Intel's US office is a very good paymaster, but the India office is also not far behind.  An intern software engineer gets around Rs.20,000-Rs.25,000, whereas a component design engineer gets around Rs.70,000-Rs.90,000 at the Bangalore development center.

Most of the employees at Intel gave it a “very satisfied” star ranking.  Intel India is an engineering arm of Intel Global, but Intel also sees India as a very promising and developing market.  That is the reason there is no dearth of jobs at Intel India, and even the business development and market expansion jobs are increasing in number.

Global training and mentor-ship

The best part of working with Intel is its training and mentor ship.  The leading microprocessor manufacturer of the world prides itself in innovation and quality that the brand offers and has the best HR practices across the globe.  At Intel, you not only learn, but also grow.  Here, you will learn many things, such as team building, innovation, leadership, and good problem-solving skills.  Even if, you work as an intern at Intel, your suggestions and tips are listened to and are highly regarded.  If they found it useful, they would implement that as well. 

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