Is six day work pattern taking away the popularity of Reliance Industries Ltd. amongst job seekers?

The baby boomers generation was content with Sunday being the Fun & Family day, rest all the days were meant for office work and business. We grew up seeing our parents planning Sunday’s afternoons for a hearty family meal and evening for shopping, movies and visiting the never ending stream of family and friends.

As we grew up we saw a change in the trend, there were MNC’s luring the job seekers with employee friendly policies. One of the very tantalizing policy was of 5 days working. True, there still exist many organizations which have tried to retain the six day work week pattern while some have made a partial shift with half days on Saturdays or 2nd and 4th Saturday off but one can’t deny it to be one of the most prominent questions during job offers.

In my years of working in the HR, I have had the opportunity to give job offers to hundreds of candidate. And have seen first hand how prospective candidates react to six days work news with a crestfallen expression. And a glint in the eyes as they welcome the news of working in a 5 day work culture. It would be difficult to segregate employees with or without experience based on their willingness to adopt a six day work culture. For freshers to the industry who are just out of college, weekend is the time to meet with friends, check out the new shopping centers and clubhouses and basically have a good time. For more matured family men/women weekends means catching up on the pending chores at home, guiding the kids for studies and never-ending project work, trying to engage in recreational activities and yes, resting. To imagine and squeeze all this into a single day looks very thorny.

There are many factors which work together to create a work place which tops the chart for ‘Great Places To Work’. Work Environment, Brand, Remuneration, Career Growth, Work life Balance, et al. And amongst all of these factors a five day work culture adds just the right dressing to the salad.

Know Salary in Reliance Industries

One of the prominent names in the Indian economy is RIL, Reliance Industries Limited with a fabulous brand recall. A very well-organized people management group, presently under the able guidance of Mr. Vivek Paranjape has weaved the policies fabric well. But a few missing delicate threads might take away the sheen. The reviews available on company feedback portals have voiced a six day work culture as the most common bellyache at RIL. Following are few of the comments available online:

A good place to start one’s career but one does not get to enjoy Saturday offs.”

Good perks, flexibility to work with different teams but the workplace is bureaucratic, has a six days work culture and most holidays are working except for Holi and Diwali.”

Good brand value but 6 days a week makes poor work/life balance.”

At a time when organizations are going to great lengths to offer their talent forces opportunities to excel with a conducive environment. And with the west debating on a 4 day work pattern, Reliance too would need to address the concern of its employees and give them reasons to smile.

The pros out do the cons in the five day work debate. The benefits of Longer weekend, An extra day off for recovery, An attractive job perk, Less absenteeism Lower turnover and a step closer to the HR dream of ‘Employee Satisfaction’ outweigh the disadvantages.

Reliance Industries Limited boosts of a beautiful tagline ‘Growth is Life’ and a small effort from the Human Resource team can have the employees enjoying there life too with a rejuvenating weekend.

Last Updated: October 12, 2012

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