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May 15, 2013

Journey of Women Entrepreneurs- Indu Jain

Journey of Women Entrepreneurs- Indu Jain

When the entire feminine society, thinks of her family only; there’s an enigmatic strength and courage in few to think beyond that! And Indu Jain has carved a niche landmark for the Indian feminine society!

Female entrepreneurship can be called as one of the important milestones in the never ending struggle for women empowerment. The interest of women, for being independent is growing more vehement nowadays. This can be said as a turning point in the economy of the world, where women were not exposed to the worldly happenings earlier as it is now. Since few years, there have been a number of female entrepreneurs in the news.

Getting up from nowhere and starting up something great, isn’t easy at all! Same is the case of all the leading female entrepreneurs of the world. Their journey started from their dreams, which rested upon the foundation of their courage and then it got built upon the pillars of determination. Here’s a list of some of the leading female entrepreneurs who have become a trendsetter for the entire feminine gender of the world. Starting from their lifestyle to their success story, here’s a brief review of their journey into the world of trade and commerce, which was once-upon-a-time thought to be male dominated paraphernalia.

Indu Jain- The feminine landmark of Indian Society

Here comes the story of a believer in women entrepreneurship and strong votary of woman's rights, Indu Jain, the seventy five year old billionaire, the chairperson of the Times Group. Widow of the Late Ashok Jain, she is an educationalist, entrepreneur, spiritualist and patron of art and culture. She has inherited a fortune of $2.8 billion through the eminent Sahu Jain family, the leading industrialist family of the country. She is in the list of Top 20 richest person in India, while at global level she ranks 317 in terms of monetary value. 

The pioneer, Indu Jain was born in the most populated state of the country, Uttar Pradesh. Her determination and dedication proved to be the cause of the Times Group (Bennett Coleman & Co. Pvt Ltd) being one of the largest media industries of India.

A view on the chronology of inheritance- A brief glance on the foundation laying of the Times Group of Indu Jain

Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd was founded in the year 1838 and was established at Mumbai. The sole owner of the company then was Ram Krishna Dalmia. The legacy of this media company then got into the hands of his son-in-law Sahu Shanti Prasad. And currently, the company is headed by the two sons of Indu Jain, Sameer Jain and Vineet Jain.

The media publishing house of the Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd produces huge brand names in newspaper and magazines like the Times of India, The Economic Times, Femina, Times FM and the Filmfare. It also has a number of TV channels and radio stations to its credit like Zoom, Times Now, ET Now and Radio Mirchi.

The Times Foundation- The Brain Child of Indu Jain

The Times Foundation was Indu Jain’s own creation which she built with utmost care and sincerity. It was because of her sheer determination and hard work the foundation has received lot many national and international acclaims. Times Foundation was conceived and guided under the leadership of Indu Jain, a humanist at heart. Times Relief fund, branch of Times Foundation extends help to affected areas in times of natural calamities like cyclones, epidemics etc., apart from Relief funds the foundation also runs Research Foundation and Community Services all under the guidance of Smt Indu Jain. A humanist, and feminist, Indu Jain supports women entrepreneurship and encourages the same while standing strong for women's rights, she has played a pivotal role in affecting the lives of many by her benevolent motives and moves. 

The Times Foundation wing was set by Indu Jain with a single motive in mind, to give back to the society, help the one in need and make a difference in society at large. 

Success isn’t always a bed of roses! And reaching the pinnacle was not that easy for Indu Jain

If life is all about gaining success, then surely success is never a bed of roses! There’s no ambiguity to this! Indu Jain’s success story is no exceptional to this. Many a times, there have been reports of credibility regarding the content of the newspaper. The impeccable attribute of this media publishing company had to face lot of hardships to prove its true sense among its competitors. Since news regarding the credibility of the newspaper got spread, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd media house lost many of its readers. And the only way of generating revenue was through advertisements. Loads of advertisements in the newspaper further reduced the number of newspapers.

A glance on various traits apart from entrepreneurial qualities of Indu Jain

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Indu Jain is an educationalist, a philanthropist and is also a passionate lover of art and culture. She has been awarded the International Life Time Achievement Award by the Indian Congress of Women (ICW).

The Times Foundation also runs community service like providing relief during natural calamities and making promotional events for encouraging budding entrepreneurs.

Indu Jain is a much acclaimed Hindi poet and author and further proving her ardent love for literature, she is the recipient of the prestigious Jnanpith Award and is also the founder of the ladies wing of FICCI. Currently she is the chairperson the Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust and supports the development and promotion of all the major languages of the country.

A spiritualist by heart, she addressed the United Nations in the Millennium World Peace Summit of religious and spiritual leaders in the year 2000. She focused on the essentiality of oneness in the faiths.  She also heads the Oneness forum, which was formally set by the President of India in the year 2003. She also writes for the spiritual column of the Times of India.  

Spreading the message of oneness, promoting the richness of Indian languages and more importantly reaching out to the common people of India with its impeccable content, Indu Jain supports the endeavor for being a global leader as an educationalist, spiritualist and a philanthropist.


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