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January 4, 2013

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd - One of India’s Oldest Industrial Groups

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd- One of India’s Oldest Industrial Groups

There are very few industries in the history that have managed to take Industrial Development to a new level in just a few decades. The Kirloskar brothers being one of them have redefined the term engineering industry and have raised its bar to a level that might seem unimaginably high to anyone.  The company was established in the year 1888 by tyro Laxmanrao Kirloskar with a mere monetary investment. Surprisingly, at present the company has a  revenue of more than $2.5billlion USD.

 The company produces pumps, engines, compressors, screws and centrifugal chillers, lathes and electrical equipments like electric motors, transformer and motor-generator set. It is regarded as the world’s largest genset manufacturer. It has been credited with the invention of India’s first mechanical fodder cutter and even the first iron plough, that inspired them to venture in the field of agricultural machinery.

The epic story of the Kirloskar clan began in1888, when the Laxmanrao Kirloskar started a small bicycle repair shop at Belgaum. Later the Kirloskar brothers successfully set up the first industrial township “Kirloskarvadi” of India, in 1910 while looking for a new suburb outside Belgaum to live and work. Laxmanrao Kirloskar was initially a school teacher with a great vision. Later he opened up a bicycle repair shop, but his strong ambition and need could not be sated by the small town of Belgaum. He was greatly inspired by the industrial townships in Europe and USA, where the owners of the companies had set up individual colonies for the workers to stay and work. His dreamed transformed into action with the coming up of the industrial town of Kirloskarvadi, the birth place of Kirloskar brothers Limited factory in1910. While Mr. Laxmanrao Kirloskar established and consolidated the group, his son S. L. Kirloskar was working towards its unprecedented growth.

S.L. Kirloskar was a man of action. He firmly turned his father’s dreams into a practicality. He greatly believed in his father’s ideals and wanted to take the industrialization a step further. He had firmly believed that the Indian Land was a goldmine that just needed to be explored. Thus, began the seeding of one of the greatest empires, India had even seen, “The Kirloskar Brothers”.

Laxmanrao Kirloskar had successfully set an empire that recorded the highest growth rate of assets, about 32,401% in merely a span of 40 years, from 1950 to 1991. They have been featured in many magazines on the Indian Industrialists, and have even enjoyed the pleasure of being been published in the most prestigious and talked about “TIME” magazine. In the year 1988, Rajiv Gandhi released a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Kirloskar group.

The Kirloskar group is credited to have set up the second oldest, a hundred and two year old township in Kirloskarvadi in Maharashtra.


The century old pioneers specialize in the fields of power, construction and mining, transport and industry, agriculture, oil and gas protection among other world class industrial products. Currently, they are agglomeration of 8 major companies of the group. They are all directioned by the best engineering and managerial staff of the country.

1. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL):

KOEL is a flagship of the parent company, and specializes in manufacturing of diesel engines, agricultural pumpsets and gensets. Since its inception in the year 1946, it has set up four extremely sophisticated and efficient manufacturing units in India that offer unparalleled service. The company has cast a significant print in the international market and has offices in South Africa, Kenya and Dubai.

Air and liquid cooled diesel engines and generating sets with a wide range of power output from 5kVA to 3000kVA, are the specialty of the KOEL. Keeping an eye on the environment in, KOEL has launched a new brand “Kirloskar Green Genset”, which is by far the most popular brand among the customers in terms of power generation.

2. Kirloskar brothers Limited (KBL):

Blessed with 123 years of engineering adept, KBL has managed to make a significant mark in the field of centrifugal pumps valves. From its beginning about a century ago, KBL has set up 14 manufacturing units globally. The brand is so popular that the “centrifugal pump” is often referred to as Kirloskar Pumps.

3. Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited (KPCL):

KPCL is one of the core companies of the Kirloskar group. It was incorporated in 1958 under the direction of S.L. Kirloskar. The prime specialization of the company was in the field of manufacturing Air Compressors and Pneumatic tools. Later, the company spread its roots, venturing in the fields of Air conditioners and refrigeration systems, Marine HVACR and Process Gas Systems. Their reliable and high quality products have made them on of the top players of the game.

4. Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited (KFIL):

KFIL was recently established in the year 1991, it has two manufacturing units.  There core business areas are Grey Iron Castings, Pig Iron Castings and S. G. Castings. They have a wooing annual turnover of Rs. 10,909 million. It has been certified and awarded by many reputed environmental organizations for its contributions to saving the environment.

5.  Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited (KITL):

In keeping with the deteriorating environmental conditions all over the globe, KITL was founded in the year 2008, to focus on using renewable sources of energy over the convectional resources of energy, which are depleting with time. Their main objective is to develop innovative green solutions so as to cut down on the emission of green house gases and at the same time ensuring the efficiency of the products manufactured by the Kirloskar group. They have a vision to empower India with renewable energy even at the rural levels.

6. Kirloskar Proprietary Limited (KPL):

Established in the year 1965, KPL legally owns all the intellectual property rights such as trademarks and various copy rights of the Kirloskar group in India as well as other countries of operation. Therefore, it is the one that grant licenses to several companies of the Kirloskar group. Its prime objective is to protect the group against any kind of infringement.

7. Kirloskar Industries Limited (KIL):

KIL was earlier a part of the KOEL and was established as an independent company in 2010, after the Bombay High Court cleared the scheme arrangement between KIL and KOEL. KIL is into wind power generation, and has set up seven windmills in the Triad in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

8. Kirloskar Middle East FZE (KMEF):

After serving for nearly three decades successfully in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia; the Kirloskar group set up the KMEF. The main objective of establishing KMEF in 1996 was to be a little closer to the end customers and distributors, to ensure a quick and prompt response and service at their doorstep.

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