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November 19, 2012

Let your performance speak

In most organizations, your promotion and increment in salary usually depends on the appraisal of your performance done by your immediate boss. The question of getting into his good books must have crossed your mind at some time.

Have you ever felt anxious about a promotion? Have you felt that your supervising manager is not giving you due credit for the hard work that you may have put in? The answer to similar questions would be yes for most of us. This is a common feeling, only the ability to deal with work related anxiety is unique to every individual.

The key is not to get disturbed by these ‘petty’ aspects, and take the setbacks as challenges to keep going forward.

The philosophy to adopt

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and in your memory, dig up something you must have learnt in school – visualize the scene where Lord Krishna counsels Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He says, “We have to perform our duty, irrespective of the results”... how true is that simple statement even in today’s context!!

Remember this philosophy in everything you do. At work, put in your very best to complete any task assigned to you within the stipulated timeframe. Don’t worry about who gets the credit, would you get noticed among others, or what could be the benefits you can accrue out of it.

At the same time, be open to constructive criticism. You are NOT perfect – so if your senior has some comments to offer on your very sincerely done work, listen carefully. Understand his point of view and incorporate the gist of it. The product is likely to be an improved one.

Sometimes criticism comes just to check your conviction. Have confidence in your abilities. If you are not comfortable with the inputs being given on your work, feel confident to discuss your approach, why you think the comments may not be applicable and what could be the possible solution. Speak firmly, but politely. Self confidence should never turn into over confidence, and one must respect the point of view of others in all situations.

Be open to learn. You may find that a junior colleague is more organized than you, or he has a stronger grasp on minute aspects of a particular software than you do. While you appreciate him, try and adopt these qualities, to become a better professional. Work on self development – read relevant material on internet and in books from libraries, participate in workshops and training programmes, interact with other professionals in the same field and exchange ideas and experiences.

Don’t be jealous, spiteful or upset if someone else gets noticed instead of you. Remember, you cannot stop anyone from being good, but can only strive to be better yourself.

Recall Lord Krishna’s words – it is our duty to be good performers and not be worried about the results (credits, promotions or increments in our case).

What to avoid

You may be familiar with a popular term in the modern work culture – ‘buttering’ or ‘oiling’. This is when an employee goes out of the way in attempt to please his boss. And it is completely wrong to think that a senior professional would not be able to make out that someone is trying to get noticed forcefully. Some senior people like people who nod at everything they say, yet deep in their hearts, they dislike such employees and look upon them as mere sycophants.

Don’t indulge in any similar activity ever. Some people tend to convey details of other’s employees, or relevant parts of conversations with other employees to the boss. Some even try to flaunt their talents and achievements to come in the good books of the seniors. Such practices may take you far for some distance, but would not help you in the long run. Instead, it hampers your impression with seniors and company management.

Will all this really help?

Believe it or not, these approaches to work will actually help you to be a better professional and get noticed.

Hard work always pays and good work cannot go unnoticed. Be honest and committed to your work. Inculcate in yourself a strong team spirit – learn to work with others, capitalize of their strengths and help them to overcome their limitations. Put in your best, and also encourage your fellow team members to put their best foot forward. This will bring out the leadership potential in you – the potential of an employee who grows together with his team and the organization.

Conceptualize the relevance of the task assigned to you and your team in the holistic context of the project and also company goals. Take initiatives to take the extra step to be prepare for the work ahead, so that you can meet the deadlines effectively.

In challenging situations, identify what could be the solution and its alternatives. When you discuss the issue with your senior, share your thought process and offer what you have in mind. Don’t be the problem raiser but the solution provider.

Be punctual in everything you do. Come in time and although work may be demanding, avoid working till late hours. To do this, you may have to work with full concentration in the duration you spend in office. Time management is a key virtue. Do not spend too much time checking and answering personal mails, or on social media, stock broking or shopping sites, although these are addictive activities. These contribute to maintain the discipline at work.

Don’t indulge in gossip or listen to rumours. Keep in mind that you cannot control what others do, so rumours are actually irrelevant stories.

What if anything goes wrong?

Although this is a very unfortunate situation, due acknowledgement of the hard work put in by an employee may not be given. Please do not lose heart or give up. Take it as a challenge and keep on working sincerely to prove your abilities – surely your performance shall do all the talking for you soon.

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