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February 24, 2013

Money, Work and Insomnia

Money, Work and Insomnia

Desire for having a good lifestyle, better standard of living and improved reputation in the society compels human being to work more. And the objective behind this is accumulating more and more money, not only for self but even for family, moreover, for a better and secured future. What rules over the modern man’s thinking domain is a lucrative bank balance and a luxurious life style. As goes the well known English proverb, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and the common problem that arises from this craze towards a renowned lifestyle is Sleep Deprivation or in medical terms Insomnia.

Insomnia is a rare book that wins the battle against drooping eyelids”. Great men have said that Genius never sleep and how true they were! When the pages of the history are turned there can be seen many instances of Insomniac personalities. This lesser known fact about the much known personalities of the world can indeed be shocking and exciting to know. What can be concluded from their way of living (and this lesser known fact) is that they thought more, they lived more for others, and they contributed more for the society, but slept less! The continuous vicious thought for giving something unique and absolute to the world, deprived these renowned people from the comfort of mind.

This isn't an immediate fatal disease as many others, but is surely a type of slow poison that can be utterly fatal if not treated timely. The entire effort for an expensive lifestyle goes in vain if an individual doesn't get a happy sleep of minimum 8 hours. Sleep deprivation can lead to severe loss of memory which can make a man prone to obesity, heavy depressions, early aging, increased blood pressure and many more related diseases.  There are some great personalities in the history who have led a very miserable life latent to public in the last part of their life. Given below is a brief review of these people and the much less highlighted fact of their life:

  • Vincent van Gogh- He was an insomnia patient and used camphor on his mattress for getting good sleep. But he didn’t know that this dose of camphor would prove fatal for him, one day!

  • Marilyn Monroe- She was habituated to sleeping pills for getting a sound sleep, but finally this habit increased gradually leading to a condition that caused a fatal over dose of the pills.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte- History remembers him as “The Emperor” but very few know that he ruled over the world with an ever alert mind. And it was absolutely true, he did rule with an alert mind! This great emperor of the world slept for less than minimum number of hours each day. And finally after living a successful life he succumbed to his sleep deprivation condition.

  • Alexander Dumas- This famous writer also led a sleep deprived life. And he was much aware of his disease also. After trying all sorts of remedies, finally he got an advice of leaving the bed immediately if he doesn’t get sleep. After following this advice, gradually his disease became severe resulting in night strolls and finally he succumbed to his disorder.

  • Winston Churchill- This famous dictator suffered from insomnia in the later part of his life. Not much is known about his sudden bouts of depression. But he as rest also succumbed to this disorder.

  • Sir Isaac Newton- The education scenario wouldn't have reached to such pinnacle as it is seen today, if there wouldn't have been any intervention of the intellectual mind of Sir Isaac Newton. But many don’t know that this famous scientist led a sleep deprived life. His inability to sleep soundly caused much distress to him in his final phase of life.

  • Thomas Edison- Nights couldn't have been that colorful if the world wouldn't have had a Thomas Edison! And many don’t know that this much prolific scientist had the inability to sleep.

  • Theodore Roosevelt- This American President had a peculiar way of getting sound sleep. He had a habit of taking cognac with milk before retiring to bed.

  • Margaret Thatcher- When the whole world was astonished and surprised with the cleverness of this feminine figure; Margaret Thatcher lived on a very rare speculation about sleep. According to her, “sleep wass for wimps”. This led to her inability to sleep in her later part of life, and finally it became fatal for her.

Apart from these, there are many other personalities who suffered enough from this slow poison. Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Dickens, Marcel Proust, Cary Grant and Scott Fitzgerald are among the rest.

“Busy”, “celebrity lifestyle” and “continuous glares of the public” are the main reasons for which these people don’t get a good sleep. Juggling life style and hectic working schedules are the chief factors that play an important in the life of these individuals. And the virtual public impact of these individuals puts a tremendous impact on their own health. Continuous preparation, planning unique and effective strategies, formulating new methodologies for being in the limelight and an endeavor for the well being of the society and fellow beings deprives these people of their sleep. For the comfort of the society and the mankind in general, these people go through enough frustration, stress, strain and tension.

Science says a sound sleep leads to a sound health. And a sound health can only be possible if one gets adequate sleep of minimum 8 hours. Sleep is of pivotal importance for those people who carry out heavy physical and mental works in a day. Sleep can enhance the sensory activity of individuals, while long time continuous waking hours leads to decreased response to stimuli. Another major issue, which needs to be corrected as early as possible! A stimulus is one of the most important aspects of all living beings on this earth. Every being reacts to stimuli.  Sleep debt results in diminished activities of high level cognitive functions. It can also put a major impact on the emotional, psychological and social aspect of an individual as a whole.

It is high time that we realize that we are increasingly being swamped in the paws of a viscous circle where we work hard,slog hours and sacrifice time and health to earn money and accumulate wealth. Then we spend money to gain health either because of obesity or related conditions or other diseases relating from insomnia. The wit of the whole cycle is that "family" in whose name we are working hard and harder are the ones who suffer in both the instances as they are deprived of quality time and precious laughter, when you are either jogging after earning money or balancing health because you lost it in the race of accumulating wealth. 

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