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September 11, 2013

NIIT, the 4th best place to work in India (2013 survey)


NIIT, the 4th best place to work in India (2013 survey)

NIIT is an IT education company, which is headquartered in Gurgaon, and has been identified as the fourth best place to work in India.  “Employee” is a taboo word here and people working with the company are rather called NIITians.  Vijay K Thadani, the CEO of NIIT explains the reason why the organization consciously stays away from using the words like “employee” and “employer”, as, according to him, this is not only divisive but also does not create a sense of belonging.

Inception and franchise network in India

There are around 2500 employees in NIITs learning solutions based in Gurgaon.  NIIT was launched as an IT training and development company in 1981 in India.  It has a very good female to male gender ratio of one is to 1.8.  It is also a leading IT company in terms of turnover and number of franchisee centers all across the country.

Why NIITian?

The term NIITian represents a kind of equality, which is very important in the industry where creativity, innovation and individual contribution is very important in order to survive and compete.  According to him, there is a complete lack of compatibility in modern organizations and once the company attains compatibility among its employees, everything changes for better.  Be it, career growth, job rotation or similar opportunities, compatibility works wonders.

Reason why attrition at NIIT is very low

Many employees were interviewed during the survey, and according to them, they would have left the organization much earlier, had the management not intervened and reversed their roles.  So, a few of them stayed with the organization for more than a decade. 

One such employee admitted to working with NIIT since 1994.  According to her, whenever she got bored with a particular role in the organization, her managers were always found to be approachable.  Though, the role reversal did not happen immediately, the management was considerate enough to accept it and able to do it in a structured manner.

The employee centric initiatives

NIIT has initiated an ambitious Chairman's Club Initiative, very recently and its goal is to provide an opportunity to the best performers to work with senior leaders, and the chairman; which is a huge learning opportunity.  It also has a Quality Club.  At NIIT, they also pick the employees from their learning centers and promote them to highly organized school learning solutions.  So, even a faculty member in a franchisee center can become a learning expert over a period of time.

Choose and evaluate your leader

One more initiative has been launched to promote team spirit within the organization and that is called 'To my leader with love'.  In this program, you can vote for the leaders you love.  It is a sort of role reversal, because till yet only the leaders were allowed to pick and reward their subordinates and team members.  But, in this process team members are able to evaluate their leaders and bosses and that creates a kind of equilibrium.

Chat with the CEO directly

There are forums like, 'Conversations with the CEO', where employees can interact with the Chief Executive Officer, whenever they want to.  It increases the accessibility of the top management and acts as a bridge between the workers on the floor and bosses in the decision making room.

Rewarding the performers

'Hats off' initiative is aimed towards rewarding high performers.  In this initiative, the reward points are redeemed through the products.  NIIT also has a global leadership program, which rewards many employees every year.

Every day at work is like a date

In this program, the employees are trained and taught by the best professionals in India and are exposed to the best practices worldwide.  This incentivizes high achievers.  For, Thadani, the CEO, at NIIT every day is like going on a date.  You are thrilled to go to office and are rewarded and respected for your accomplishments.  NIIT is the fourth best place to work in India, because it gives preference to its employees over customers.

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