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October 28, 2012

Qualities sought in employees by Companies

An employer and employee share a symbiotic relationship – while one engages the services of the latter for his smooth functioning, the other looks up to the former for professional and financial growth. This makes it very important for companies to hire the most suitable candidate for a particular position. Some qualities are deemed essential by an employer which an employee must keep in mind have been discussed below, to help a person to be a good employee.

a) Suitability for a job: Any position requires a certain level of education and experience. If a candidate is selected and called for interview, either over the telephone or across the desk, one should highlight the relevant qualifications and work experience and convey to the interviewer why he is best suited for the job.

Tip: Do not apply if you do not fit the eligibility criteria.

b) Employment record: Companies usually seek people who seek to grow with the firm and serve a long tenure, of at least three years. Frequent job changes in your resume act as a dampener for most employers, and you may have to answer some uncomfortable questions. People who have served comparatively longer terms in previous organizations are deemed to be more reliable.

c) Responsibility and Initiative: It’s important for an employee to feel responsible for the task he has been assigned and ensure that it is completed effectively within the stipulated timeframe. During interview, a candidate should mention his achievements, if any (such as “Best Employee for a Month”, etc) or his suitability in the particular profile. Also during his tenure with the company, an employee should look for ways to execute his responsibilities effectively, take initiatives to meet the company objectives, etc.

d) Ability to work in a team: Multi – disciplinary teams are common in today’s working atmosphere. Thus, it is essential for a person to be a good team player – work with others harmoniously, coordinate with consultants, etc and execute his own responsibility at the same time. One should always respect everyone as an equal.

e) Motivate and guide others: An individual needs to motivate others while working in a team. An organization does well when an individual grows with his colleagues. Seniors should guide their juniors from past experience and encourage them to perform better. A good word costs nothing, yet goes a long way.

f) Flexibility and Adaptability: Gone are the days of defined working hours. Today, jobs are highly result oriented – one has to complete a task in a particular timeframe, even if it means working at home or for longer hours. Unforeseen situations, such as non availability of a team member, may arise anytime. One has to rise to the occasion and ensure that “the show goes on”.

g) Communication skills: In today’s competitive world, good communication skills are a must. Every organizations looks for persons who speak well, look good and connect with the audience – personal grooming is thus an essential quality.

h) Punctuality: Reaching office by the defined time helps in maintaining discipline in the office and motivating others to be on time as well. Usually there is a grace period to account for delays that may arise due to traffic congestion and similar unforeseen situations, but one should not take too much advantage of it. Instead, its better to start from home with some additional time in hand.

i) Ethics: Every organization has a specific work culture – and an employee should adapt to it. He should also not divulge any business secrets or intellectual property to any unauthorized person. There are many other elements to working ethics in an office that improve the company performance – one should not waste any resource, be it stationery or electricity; respect his colleagues and understand his own role, execute tasks in time and maintain quality, etc.

Thus, it can be seen that an organizations does not look for an employee with only technical knowledge or experience, but a complete professional with overall experience.

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