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October 7, 2013

RedBus- Best places to work

The RedBus story  

Similar to other dot com startups in India, the redBus also had an interesting story.  Way back in 2005, three young engineers working in MNCs in Indian city of Bangalore were struggling to get a bus ticket to their hometowns during the festival of lights- Diwali.  Bus tickets were the only option, because in Indian MNCs nobody knows the schedule in advance, and hence they could not make an advance booking in the trains.  They tried to beat the notorious traffic of Bangalore and reached the booking office located in a far off area, only to discover that the tickets had already been sold.  This frustrated them to no end.  It was more frustrating because the tickets were sold minutes before they reached.

The problem gave rise to an opportunity and these young engineers thought of launching the services for booking a bus ticket online.  The idea was to provide people the facility to book tickets from their workstations and home without having to leave their places and struggle on the busy roads of the metropolitan cities and also be able to do it when they needed it the most.  With people already booking their train tickets on IRCTC website and flight tickets on the airlines’ websites or the third-party travel agency’s websites, along with increasing penetration of Internet in India, the idea seemed feasible.

The only problem was that like most other innovative companies, it was happening for the very first time in India and it was very difficult to convince and involve bus operators, travel agencies, and transport services to issue tickets online, especially when they were used to the traditional old-fashioned way of “come to my office and book it” method.  But, this did not deter the young professionals; they made a business plan and did feasibility study.  They talked to many people, including operators and venture capitalists and at last they went to a business consultants called TiE, who were known for mentorship of innovative business ideas from the young entrepreneurs.

The idea was approved and a business plan was made and the young engineers left their well-paid jobs to launch redBus, the first online bus ticket booking services in India.  There were too many handicaps and challenges in the beginning, but the team continued moving ahead on the difficult terrain and became the first people to change the way people booked the bus tickets in India.  Changing the culture was the most difficult part of this business.

Working with redBus

It is exciting to work with a young company, which is considered to be an agent of change.  It has moved beyond Internet and now it offers it services through home delivery and outlets as well.  At present, you can book a ticket at redBus at around 30,000 outlets.  It's quite challenging to work for a company, which integrates online operations with the off-line ones.  But the rewards are far too many.  Since, the organization is small; there are tremendous opportunities for career growth.

Individual contribution is immediately noticed by the top bosses and rewarded accordingly.  Mentorship is done by Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program known as TiE-EAP, who suggests the human resource strategies to bring out the best results.  It is the fast-growing company and offers the best packages in the industry.  Furthermore, it offers cross functional experience for all round development of the employees.  It is one of the best places to work in India, and these are the most exciting times to work for such dot-coms, which offer innovative solutions to the real problems faced by us.

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