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January 7, 2013

Reliance Group – a Name that needs no Introduction

Reliance is a name that rings a familiar bell in everyone’s mind. It may be in context of some financial venture, a real estate development, educational institutions, social institutions, petrochemicals, telecommunications, etc. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) was founded by Shri Dhiraj Lal Hirachand Ambani popularly known as Dhirubhai. Since then, RIL has climbed the stairs of success very fast, securing a position in the top 100 companies of the world compiled by Fortune Global. Today, it is among the largest and richest groups in the private sector.

Dhirubhai literally handheld the Group to become a multi faceted hub of success – with strong pillars of talent, energy, trust and credibility.

Many awards have been bagged by the group – International Refiner of the year in 2005, Most Valuable and Most Trustworthy brand, Team Excellence for environmental practices, to name a few.

The philosophy of work

Dhirubhai had started his first business venture with a meager capital of few thousands of rupees. But, he was a great visionary who could dream big, with a strong conviction that he could achieve it with hard work. He instilled a philosophy to “Think big. Think different. Think fast. Think ahead. Aim for the best.

With extraordinary leadership qualities, Dhirubhai managed to launch the shares of his first startup – Reliance Textiles, against much resistance from the elite stock brokers of that time. Now, common man was also a stakeholder in his company – they would stand a chance to gain from the profits earned out of investments made by them. Soon, the curtains began rising from the greatest success story of private enterprise.  

Communications was one of the prime interests of this great personality. He wished to do away with the huge costs and time involved in sending postal communication, having telecommunication facilities, booking trunk calls and possessing cell phones, accessing internet and more. His vision was to bring the cost of a phone call at par with that of a postcard (the cheapest form of postal communication) – “it would transform every home, empower every Indian, remove every obstacle to opportunity and growth, and tear apart every barrier that divides Indian society”. He strongly believed that better access to information would revolutionize India towards a brighter future.

Future ventures

 Reliance is committed to change the destiny of India, starting from the grass root level. Various initiatives of the group include 3G and 4G connectivity that promises to bridge the gap between rural and urban India; end – to – end data solutions to business enterprises, social organisations, and educational and healthcare institutions alike.

 Controversies – a few hurdles to strengthen the empire  

When an empire is as big as that of Reliance Group’s, needless to say is that the attention of media would be focused on them constantly. Whenever there is a shade of a controversy, juicy gossip would spread like rapid fire, but unable to taint the image of the Group.

There have been allegations of illicit consensus of the Ambanis with political leaders, illegal imports and overseas transactions, fake shares, improper reporting of financial turnovers, tax evasions, etc.  But these have been overcome and experiences have been utilized in strengthening the Reliance empire.

After the death of Dhirubhai and his wife Kokilaben, the various industries were to be divided between his two sons, Mukesh and Anil Ambani, both of whom are talented businessmen themselves. But the family matter of division of family inheritance became public, and remained  the talk of the nation thanks to our gossip – hungry media.  A recent controversy of improper practices was raised by Arvind Kejriwal, a prominent crusader against corruption.  All such aspects can be viewed as marks on the moon’s surface: blemishes that do not reduce the beauty of the moon (or the success of Reliance) in any fraction.

Working with the Rulers

Working with Reliance is no doubt a great opportunity for an individual. But there are both positive and negative aspects which one should be aware of before working with the leading private sector group.

The workforce at Reliance is selected with care – people with the orientation to be part of the phenomenal growth of a company which is seeking to make its mark in new ventures; to serve people and the nation as a whole.

It is indeed a world of limitless opportunities – if you have the zeal to excel, you will do well here. At the same time, you have to deliver your best and try to achieve higher heights everytime, so as to make a mark for yourself among the huge number of employees.

The senior management of Reliance have an an eye on the future, and do not hesitate to adopt the leading technology across all business ventures. Reliance employs the world's best technologies in sub – sea drilling operations to create world record beating projects; or its life sciences business that is harnessing the power of stem cells to find solutions to various human ailments. At the same time, quality control measures and statutory guidelines are followed stringently.

Also, the scale of the vision of the Group is larger than life – you are assigned roles as per your qualifications and areas of interest, but it comes with an underlining of responsibility. There are learning academies as well that keep you abreast with the latest developments in respective industries. So you get lot of opportunities to learn and develop as a thorough professional.

Most offices of Reliance work six days a week, because they give prime importance to customer service and satisfaction. This is undoubtedly a great platform for exposure to professional work culture that harbours knowledge from all across the globe. You face new challenges to meet time to time. You get help at personal level to develop your skills, network with peers, etc through team building exercises.

The flipside of working six days a week is that you get little time for recreation, time with family, attending to personal errands, etc. However, there is a leave policy available which entitles one to take off days from work when need arises. 

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