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November 26, 2012

Role of the Human Resource Team in an organization's growth

The first person to interact with you when you come for an interview to any organization would hail from the Human Resource (HR) team. He would make you comfortable with a welcoming smile, guide you to your interviewer; introduce you and leave. Irrespective of whether you are shortlisted or not, your newest buddy would accompany you on the way out, promising to communicate with you soon. Once you join, the HR department is like your fairy godmother – whatever issue you may face, they are there to offer a patiently listening ear. They would try to solve your problems; help you to maintain discipline; work for your growth and plan your future. Needless to say, that the HR team has a pivotal role to play in the growth of any organization.

Selecting the right people

Finding suitable candidates for a position is one of the most important tasks of the human resource team. They have to identify suitable people and organize for their interviewing. Most organizations have tie ups with HR agencies who act as a third party – they search job portals, sieve out relevant people, contact them and pass on the resumes of interested candidates to the HR team of the employing firm. In such cases, the role of the HR team is to coordinate with the respective department heads and organize interviews with the candidates. Telephonic rounds may also be coordinated with the interviewer and interviewee, especially in the case of outstation candidates.

Once a candidate is shortlisted, he has to go through an additional round of interview with a representative of the HR team, where compensation aspects of the offered position are discussed. Some people have to be rejected just because they expect very high packages and are not open to negotiation. The final decision is made once a candidate fits both the technical and financial framework specified by the organization.


The HR team is also required to verify the details of all employees – their degrees, previous employment records, latest salary slips, TDS certificates, proof of age, etc. Any discrepancy must be highlighted and brought to the notice of the management, which may result in cancellation of candidature of an individual.


Maintaining attendance records, managing leaves, out of office duties, dress code and abiding by the prescribed time may seem simple, but is an enormous task done by the human resource team. Warnings are issued to errants verbally at first, and if the employee continues to break the discipline, action has to be prescribed by the HR team to the management.

As the employee strength of an organization increases, it becomes difficult to maintain records of all the people. The digital age has brought in many softwares in the market – for attendance, application of leave, etc; and some are used presently by large organizations. The HR team also recommend payment of monthly salaries – and deductions, in case of issues such as short attendance, leaves taken without proper application, etc..


A small gesture from the HR team such as awarding “Employee of the Month” to a good performer motivates him to continue delivering in the future and try to improve his performance. His colleagues are also inspired to pull up their socks and deliver better to achieve that award in the future.

An email from the HR team with an encouraging “Thought of the Day” motivates employees to take challenges positively and enjoy working.

Team Building

Sending birthday/ anniversary notifications to all employees create a sense of bonding where everyone may send wishes. Also celebrating certain festivals at the workplace bring the employees together.

Team building activities – team games, excursions, annual day celebrations etc also contribute a long way in the interaction of employees with each other. People with common interests become friends, come to know each other and also get abreast with the company policies and objectives.

Such activities provide the opportunity to the management of an organization to spot hidden talents in a person. Some people show leadership potential, team spirit or oral qualities.


It is also the responsibility of the HR team to identify the training to be given to an employee for improving his performance. One may be in need of mere personality development or presentation skills. The training may be technical as well. They have to recommend it to the employee’s immediate manager and if agreed, organize for it. Some companies even sponsor some employees to pursue higher education.

Performance Appraisal

This is the baseline for giving incentives, promotions and salary increments to employees. Forms are designed by the HR team and circulated to department heads and employees. The performance for the last financial year is assessed, and recommendations are made for promotions, etc. The final decision is taken by the HR team in consultation with the department heads. The targets for the next year are finalized and communicated to the concerned employee.

Solving employee issues

In spite of all these initiatives, there could be many issues an employee faces. This could be anything – ranging from performance issues, dissent with the immediate bosses, etc. The HR team listens to versions from both sides – identifies the root cause and tries to offer solutions.

The HR team also observes people – and even if any employee seems to be facing any problem, but he may not bring his difficulties to the HR, they must consult with him. If there is a latent issue, they may be able to solve it at the nascent stage.

If an employee wishes to leave, the HR team tries to identify his reason of leaving. They try to counsel him not to go; and offer solutions. They are sometimes successful.

Contribution to overall growth of company

Employees of an organization are like the wheels of a car. The HR team looks after them – they work towards their development, discipline and contributes to their better productivity. They identify the most suitable employee for the company, train him and retain his services as long as possible. Thus, the HR team is vital to any organization and its growth.

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