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November 20, 2012

Self Motivation at Work

“I am a self motivated individual…” lines from a curriculum vitae recently received. What is so very unique about this element that the applicant thought it to be worth mentioning in the resume? Looking at my co-workers I find them going through the daily task but there is a glaring difference in attitudes. Some seem to be enjoying their work and they seem keen to take on challenging opportunities. While, can find some curbing at the hint of additional work or impeding deadline.

Need not spell it out here; it is the motivation at work. Although organizations keep the HR folks on toes to ensure policies and strategies are in place to keep the workforce motivated, sometimes it is simply not enough. Moreover in circumstances where this external motivation is in short supply, individuals would need to look within to keep the going good.

‘Self Motivation’ the must have to ride through challenging times at work, an optimistic attitude to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. The trick here is to:

Be accountable to yourself - Maybe there is no one watching, and no one to monitor your work but an attitude to keep at work and complete assignments on time and accurately. Being true to yourself and your work is of primary importance.

Assign goals to one self – The KRA might not be explicit but one can always assign goals well aligned to the business goal. Knowing how your work works in the scheme of things and understanding that the work you carry out is adding value to the bottom line is a big motivator.

A pat on the back - While you are trying to put in your best, do reward yourself too with occasional treats on your achievements and hard work. The wonderful feeling of childhood years on getting a treat for being good can be relived.

Take your pick - Amongst all the work on your table choose the one that you like the least and the one that is your favorite. Try to start your day with a must do list immediately followed by the work you like least. Get it over with and eventually move to your most liked task.

Be Eager to Learn - ‘The day you stop learning you stop growing’. The business world goes through change be it technology or methodology, it is thus important that one stays updated and the skills are upgraded. When we learn new things it boosts our confidence. A feel good factor comes in with learning and we look at work as an opportunity to exhibit the acquired knowledge.

Be surrounded with likeminded and optimistic people: One rotten apple spoils the lot, very true when you allow the negative thoughts affects you. To stay motivated it is important that we surround our self with people who bring in positive energy. Those who contribute in our work with good advise and just observations.

And while we are at our best trying to push for greater heights, a helping hand to those in need at work can have miraculous feel good factor too.

The HR folks can only do so much but as long as you do not have that internal force no amount of workforce motivation policies can make you excel at work.

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