Six Sigma and Quality Thrust in Wipro

Wipro Limited that was conceptualized in 1945 and started commercial operations in 1946 by producing vegetable oils is now a global leader in extending IT and ITES services. Presently, Wipro is strategically positioned to furnish technology-oriented business and industry solutions to its diversified client base. Wipro has over 40 centres of excellence that provide tailor-made solutions to different corporate establishments engaged in a wide spectrum of industrial segments. As Wipro, since its inception has never compromised on quality parameters as far as the deployment of products and services is concerned, was quick to adopt and implement the Six Sigma concept.

Six Sigma concept.

Wipro was in fact the first business organization in India to take up the Six Sigma technique or strategy that essentially is a strictly regimented and data-driven methodology for doing away with systemic defects in the process. The key objectives behind espousing Six Sigma are to:-

  • Assess the total number of flaws or deficiencies that a process might have

  • Work out a plan for eradicating these flaws with the aim of streamlining the process

Presently, Wipro has amongst the most superlative of Six Sigma structure in the industrial segment it focuses on. The Six Sigma technique that Wipro rigorously adheres makes sure that over 90% of the assignments and projects are completed within deadlines. It’s nearly a decade since Wipro assumed the Six Sigma methodology for restructuring its process with a purpose to improve the effectiveness of the same.

Wipro’s Six Sigma approach is synonymous with achieving quality tending towards perfection. It is a sort of scaffolding or framework that supports and spearheads all business divisions in order to reorient itself as a truly global organization. The company’s Six Sigma program has enabled it to:-

  • Provide products and services that satisfy universal standards

  • Have durable processes within the establishment

  • Not only meet but surpass customer expectations time and again

  • Incorporate quality as an inalienable part of the organizational culture

Wipro has implemented the Six Sigma strategy with an orientation towards project approach. Each project is taken up on a case by case basis in accordance with the specific problems affecting every assignment that unfavourably impacts the overall business growth and development considerably.

At Wipro, the Six Sigma system broadly signifies the following methodologies:-

  • Creation and development of innovative processes (DSSS+, DSSP and DCAM tactics)

  • Improvement and upgradation of existing processes

  • Reengineering (CFPM methodology)

The core groups that take up and promote the Six Sigma concept are the executive management, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, Finance executives, and Six Sigma supporters and operational leaders. The captive tools of ‘reporting’, ‘tracking’, ‘ideation’, ‘selection’ and ‘definition’ are harnessed for putting into practice the tenets of Six Sigma. More than 15,000 employees have undergone and completed training on the methodologies of Six Sigma.

Wipro has always given credence to the fact that quality gravitates towards the customer and hence its overriding aim has been to deploy a Six Sigma program that streamlines processes for ultimately reducing defects, effecting timeliness and stepping up productivity.  

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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