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September 30, 2013

Snapdeal- one of the largest online fashion store.

 Snapdeal.com, as a deal site

Incorporated in February 2010, Snapdeal.com is a leading online marketplace of India, where 25,000 units are sold every day.  Initially, it was just a deal site, which featured great deals in selected cities in India.  It was basically to promote third party services such as spa, wellness, healthcare, hotels, restaurants, hair styling, entertainment and events, and travel packages.  These service providers offered irresistible deals through Snapdeal to increase footfall in their premises and to attract more and more customers. 

One of the largest e-commerce platforms

Later on, it diversified its business into an eBay like (except auctions) business model, which provides a platform for vendors to sell their products to millions of customers in India.  This platform features around 3000 brands, 2, 50,000 listed products, more than 50,000 merchants in more than 200 categories, making it one of the largest assortments of products of both domestic and international brands. 

Extraordinary achievements in a short period

Snapdeal is a leading online e-commerce marketplace, that sells hundreds of brands in different categories such as apparel and footwear, automotive, fashion accessories, electronics, mobiles and tablets, kids, sports, healthcare, home furnishing and kitchen items, and books, etc.  As far as its customer base is concerned, one out of every six Internet users in India is its member.  It serves more than 4000 towns and cities in India, as far as product delivery is concerned.  These numbers are huge in view of the size and population of this country, especially when it is achieved in a short period of just three years.

Team spirit and family like environment

Needless to say, the work environment is very challenging in such organizations, where such a large number of transactions take place every day to serve the customers across a large geographical area such as India.  Maintaining quality, prompt service, reliability, customer relationships, supply chain management, and secure payment transactions are some of the key challenges for Snapdeal.com.  But, according to the surveys, the employee satisfaction is very high in Snapdeal.  They treat their employees as members of one family and celebrate their birthdays, festivals and events together.  Creativity and innovation are encouraged in this organization and creative people are awarded accordingly.

A great place to work

Dress competitions, fashion shows, festivals, get-togethers, team events, interactive sessions between team members and managers are encouraged to make it a good place to work.  Even the meeting rooms are fun to be in.  Eco-friendly activities are organized by the management from time to time, in which employees are encouraged to plant in containers and wear green T-shirts.  Employees are allowed to unwind or even arrange dance parties in the basement.  The walls of the office are decorated with big-size posters of beaches and other natural places, making it a vibrant and soothing place. 

Work with ease and flexibility

There is no strict code of conduct for the employees, as far as work is concerned; they can take a break anytime they want and even indulge in gossip, etc. in their favorite spaces.  The employees can paste self-designed colored posters with interesting one-liners on the walls above their workstations, to make the workplace interesting and vibrant.  Coupons for spa, soothing massages and wellness packages are provided to the employees, as a motivational incentive.  Cross functional exposure and training is also given to prepare managers of tomorrow.  However, some negative feedback was received during the survey conducted by glassdoor.com, as far as salaries and paychecks are concerned.

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