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December 9, 2012

Ten most Innovative Companies in India

Our lives have been revolutionized by the advent of technology, globalization, economic changes and more. We are running the rat race against time, and think very differently from the generation that preceded us. Some companies have innovated their products to keep pace with the changing demands of the consumer, and have contributed in our country’s image worldwide.

1. Hindusthan Unilever Limited (HUL)

A company that needs no introduction, HUL is a part of the lives of most of us, without us realizing it. HUL’s products range right from the toothpaste that you may be using, to your shampoo, soap, cosmetics, tea, exclusive items and more. It is also one of the most trusted names with the common man of India – there is a popular belief that their products are very good, and crores of people cannot be wrong.

The most innovative aspect about HUL is the introduction of mini packaging – sachets, small bottles, etc. People staying in villages, who may not be financially well off, and may be apprehensive of buying branded products, are able to shed such inhibitions and use HUL products at a price that suits their pockets : a cold cream at Rs 5, a shampoo sachet at Rs 2, etc. Needless to say, HUL rules the rural market. Also small packages prove handy for carrying around in a pouch, especially while travelling.

2. ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank is perhaps the first private sector bank to make a dent in the banking sector that was so far being dominated by the public sector players. They have taken banking to a different level altogether by introducing branches that worked from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, a strong customer care support over just a phone call, etc. Their web support is also great and the need for an individual to visit a branch has been minimized. Most of your banking needs are served at the ATM itself – ICICI bank has one of the best coverage of ATMs all over India, second to State bank of India. Even today, the various financial products launched by ICICI in association with other firms such as Prudential, Lombard, etc are the pioneers of their kinds. No other financial institution has been able to introduce such a variety of products that serve the consumer so well.

3. Coke

Coke is not only the oldest brand of aerated cold drinks (known as Campa Cola), it is also the most popular one even today as it has introduced flavours to suit the tastes of the modern consumer. It also creates a positive image in commercials and all media forms by celebrating human relationships, spirit of festivals, etc. An occasional contest or lucky draw, association with popular celebrities for brand promotion, etc surges the popularity of Coke everytime.

4. Maruti

Maruti was the first to bring a car into the lives of a middle class Indian. The Maruti 800 not only fitted his budget, but also gave very good fuel efficiency. Even today, you would find some models of this car operating on the roads. Its association with the Japanese firm Suzuki had proved very fruitful. This company still continues to produce reliable, yet affordable and modern cars. With its strong network of service centres even in remote locations and recently opened driving schools, Maruti continues being a common name in the Indian household.

5. Wipro

Azim Premji’s vision has evolved into one of the largest IT companies of the world. From hardware to support functions, the endeavour of Wipro has been to assist their clients to be successful, by challenging their own capacities. Today, its name is associated with leading BPO’s, KPO’s and all leading IT activities.

6. Samsung

Samsung entered the Indian market with electronics but captured it with its wide range of mobile phones. So long this had been the almost monopolistic market of another multinational giant, Nokia. Samsung phones provided smart looks, excellent sounds, user friendly features, long battery life and reliable performance to the common man in all budgets.

7. Future Group

Kishore Bhimani’s Future group was the pioneer of retail markets in India. Till then, people would be visiting different locations to buy groceries, household items, clothes or vegetables. “Big Bazaar” brought it all under one roof. Today’s citizens who have little spare time in hand, welcomed this initiative enthusiastically. Shopping in clean, organized environment and an occasional discount or offer have revolutionized our marketing experience .

8. PVR

In an era of video cassettes and pirated CDs, PVR took a bold step in reviving the culture of watching movies in theatres. They revamped the environment completely by doing up the interiors, changing the seats, improving the air conditioning, lights, sound and with a better screen. The services were hygienically designed and extended to the customer. For anyone visiting a PVR theatre, the impact of the movie would be enhanced by the lovely experience. Online booking, multiple screens under a same roof showing different movies were also conceptualized and realized by PVR. They have presence in multiple cities across India.

9. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)

Spearheaded formerly by E. Sreedharan and presently taken over by Manguram, DMRC hasrevamped the image of public transport not only in Delhi, but all over India. A reliable service, world class infrastructure,timely execution andaffordable fares have made the metro rail of Delhi comparable with international practices.The companyis now in the process ofassisting other states with their firsthand knowledge to realize a metro service in major cities.The financial model adopted by DMRC is taught in business schools, so immaculate it is.

10. Shaadi.com

Last but not the least, Shaadi.com has entered the lives of the common man by helping him to find the ideal match for himself, a relative or friend. Even today, it is the most successful matrimonial site, used even by people who are not very internet savvy. They have incorporated features where you can link your social networking as well as professional profiles, so that a prospective match may know the “real” you.

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