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March 7, 2013

THINGS You Should NEVER Say At Your Work

What kind of phrases have you heard more or less at your workplaces that come across as negative and noisy? Not only can these expressions make others feel uncomfortable and at times make you embarrassed, but can also have a negative impact on how the company perceives your managerial skills, performance rating and personal relation with fellow colleagues and supervisors.

There are handful of phrases that you can’t afford to hurl out in your conversation with supervisors, bosses and colleagues around. You may possibly have these expressions at the tip of your tongue at times, or feel  your workplace is too friendly to utter any damn thing you spoke in your younger days, but it may affect your KPI; yes, believe it or not. Some things are better when they stay in your head and rolled in your tongue rather than hedging out in your healthy conversations.

Here’s what and why they should certainly not be a part of your work glossary again.

"The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning."

– Mark Twain


“Hey! You Guys!”

Reserve the phrase “Hey! You guys” for a casual conversation and always shun using it in mere business. “Hey! You guys” usually refers to an inappropriate way to address your fellow professionals as it gives the message of you having a very casual approach at your work place. Though your colleagues may appreciate the friendly hail, but some observing supervisors may rate your attitude in a negative scale. Better replace it with “You guys!” to maintain the decorum of your team or organization.


“That’s not my cup of tea!”

How would you feel if someone approaches you for some assistance and in return, you tell them, “That’s not my Job” or rather “I ‘m not paid for this”? Being unconcerned or getting detached obviously lowers down your professional value as well as career encroachment.


“I hate this company!”

Always avoid making wayward statements about anyone or anything. “She’s a jerk”, “He stinks”, “My job sucks”, and other similar judgemental phrases reflect your poor perception and behaviour amongst co-workers.


“I need a hike”

You might mean to suggest that for a professional growth not only needs hard work but appropriate reimbursement as well. But asking it out loud might identify you as obstructionist. At the very last, be polite and liberal to whatever you ask and tell your superiors what you need with an alternative phrase.


“Why are you so formally dressed up today? Any Interview?”

Such a phrase puts your colleague in a weird state of mind. Undoubtedly doubting him or her will surely become a nerve-racking situation. Avoid harming and disturbing anyone’s professional culture.


“You look hot!”

You may not be thinking when this cracks out of your mouth. Telling co-workers or superiors about their looks is not at all thoughtful. It does not only make the co-workers’s uncomfortable but will harm your professional reputation too. Commenting or complementing on other people’s bodies should be off-limits in the workplace.


“He’s a problematic co-worker”

No matter what he or she is accomplishing in the organization, skip complaining about their professional style of work, attitude or any other disguised actions at the workplace. This will highlight your negativity and professional immaturity at work.


“I need a break” or “I need a long vacation”

We understand you’ve certain responsibilities off your place of work that you’ve no other choice than meeting up! Similarly, prioritizing personal over professional life can be a lead player in blocking your success. Instead, hedging your statements directly to your pee bosses, it’s recommended to send him/her a formal email sharing your desires courteously.


“Are you in a relationship?”

Do yourself a big favour and avoid snooping in other people’s relationships. Remember, they are just sharing your lunch table or an evening cup of tea. No matter how close they are to you, talk about everything else except their ex or current relations. Everyone has problems: kids, family, profession, wives, finance, love and many more issues coming up in their day to day lives. Talking your co-workers or bosses about all this can definitely lead to consequences at your workplace.


“Let’s party tonight!”

Partying comes across as reckless and juvenile attitude. Asking your co-workers for a party or spending time together or for a drink outside work can set your tone towards them. Firstly, your co-worker will assume that your interest is elsewhere, which run downs your professional value. Secondly, if no other reason, might think why the hell you are asking him/her out for it?


“These managers are silly!” They don’t even know what they are up to?

You might mean that things should be managed appropriately but saying such deliberate statements, you’re directly begging managers to get you fired.


“It’s so boring that they don’t let us use social networks”

 Please make a not out of it that you’re not being paid to be a social butterfly in your organization. If your company is not allowing social networks like Facebook, Blogging, Twitter or instant messaging during official hours that implies they want your focus towards your disciplined goals. Rather complaining about it, try to concentrate on your duties at hand to avoid any major performance pitfalls.


“I ‘m proud of what I accomplished! ”

It is seriously a bad adage for praising yourself. Rather than putting your 100% effort in to your projects and accomplishments, stop broadcasting your small success in front of your employers and co-professionals.


“I Can’t”!

No, Never say you can’t even before trying out! This talks about your level of attitude and commitment towards work.


I’m afraid to do that!

It’s scary to show your fear to others. Try keeping your fear to yourself! At times, we all need to do or try something we’ve never done or tried before!

RESERVE these phrases for someone who will not impinge on your professional growth and goodwill. Offending your supervisors and co-workers with such intended expressions might affect your traits and block your fragmentary success.


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