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January 28, 2013

Top Salary skills you need to posses

Top Salary skills for 2013 Post recession, market scenario has changed and employers are looking for some other prominent job skills among jobseekers, apart from the skills required for the specific job categories they are being hired for.  They are looking for leadership, team management, IT skills, communication skills, dedication, work ethics and tenacity, apart from positive attitude and self-motivation.  We have tried to list top salary skills for 2013 here:

Team management skills and leadership qualities whatever be the level of your main skill set, the team management skills are highly required in modern organizations.  It helps them achieve results faster and in a better manner.  The team management skills are required in almost every field and hierarchical level.  You should know how to handle a team of 7 to 8 candidates for the completion of projects faster and in the desired manner.  You should also be well versed with the art of communication and persuasion, so that you can bring forth the best from the team.  The team management skills are highly in demand nowadays.  Without these skills, the employer will never be interested to offer you a higher salary. To be good at team management skills, you should know how to delegate and assign work according to the abilities and potential of different employees.  They should also feel empowered and enthusiastic to execute the work assigned by you.  You should also know how to motivate them, especially when deadline stress is higher than usual.  This is extremely important, as in the absence of proper motivation the employees feel low self-esteem, drowsy and with sinking energies.  For this, the candidate should possess extremely high level of energies and should be pleasant and welcoming.

Communication skills and IT skills Communication skills and ability to present reports using different software and modules are highly regarded. You should be able to put your ideas across and should possess the art of public speaking to claim a better salary today. Knowledge of some IT platforms and software is an added advantage. You should know to prepare PowerPoint presentations and prepare reports in MS Excel. Managing email communication is also required. SAP and Oracle continued to be the highly paid job skills.  

Problem-solving skills In the wake of new age technologies, problem-solving skills are highly demanded skills.  Employers preferred candidates with problem-solving skills.  These people are eager weavers and an asset to the organization as compared to the nine to five types of people.  Such people know how to handle pressure, and ease the pressure of their teams.  They also share problems and responsibilities of the management and help them with the positive attitude and adopting a problem-solving approach.  These people are interested in finding solutions, rather than finding faults.  These are creative, innovative and out of the box thinkers.  While recruiting such people, the employers love to offer higher paychecks.  They know pretty well that these people are more than their salary’s worth.

Dedication and honesty These are too basic qualities which every employee should possess and the HR department knows it pretty well.  Dedication towards the task is always a desired skill especially in the projects, which involve tedious processes and deadline pressure.  Honesty builds the trust of the management and dedication is essential for the growth of the organization.  The employers check your honesty and dedication through the content of your resume and from your conversation during the interview.

Hard work and tenacity The organizations prefer hard-working and tenacious candidates because these employees have the potential to complete the projects within the stipulated time and with the quality standards required.  They can also handle tough tasks and difficult situations.  You can trust them even in your absence.  Such employees always get a better salary than the ones with the lethargic attitude, and appearance. Positive attitude and self-motivation Positive attitude and self-motivation are among the top qualities in any candidate.  Not only do these qualities work in the professional world, but also in your personal life.  Person with a positive attitude is not disturbed by the problems he faces and he also keeps the environment around him vibrant and lively.  It is a pleasing experience to work with him and he is an asset for the organization.  Self-motivation is also highly prized quality.  Self-motivated person does not need external pressure, guidance or motivation and he achieves much more than the ordinary employees.  He has the leadership qualities and has the ability to complete the projects by himself.

Companies that offered highest salary in 2012 To discuss the outlook of the salaries offered in 2012 by India incorporation, we would first like to discuss the salaries offered at the campus interviews of prominent institutes such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).  In 2012, a normal increment of 5 to 10% was observed at the recruitment offers made at the IIT's. Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant offered the highest package of Rs. 82 lakh at IIT Madras to the students of computer science and technology.  The freshmen thus recruited would be posted in the United States, or South Korea.  Google was the second best paymaster, with Rs.73 lakh as preplacement offer to the young engineers.

Boston consulting group, Sony Japan, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Google, ITC, and  Deutsche Bank were among the other major recruiters on the first day, when the average salary is within India were calculated as Rs.20 lakh.

The companies, which visited IIT Bombay included Blackstone, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  These companies also offered a 5 to 10% higher package as compared to the previous year’s offer.  Similarly, Facebook, EXL services, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Rio Tinto, Opera solutions and Google were among the employers which turned up at IIT Kharagpur on the first day.

Rio Tinto, Credit Suisse, EXL Service, Schlumberger, and Indus insights were among the other companies that made huge preplacement offers. IIT Guwahati was also not far behind, with an average of Rs.28 lakh and highest package of Rs.  70 lakh.

When we talk about India incorporation, the astronomical salaries are no more just the CEOs domain; these have actually trickled down to the lower ranks in the organizations as well.  According to an Economic Times study for the average salaries offered in the year 2011-12, Bharti Airtel ranks as the top paymaster in India as far as average salaries offered were concerned in 2012.  In fact the top companies that offered the best salaries can be ranked as follows:

  • A.    Bharti Airtel

  • B.    Infosys

  • C.    ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)

  • D.    GAIL( Gas Authority of India limited)

  • E.    Hero Honda Motors

  • F.    Wipro

  • G.    NALCO (National Aluminium Company Limited)

  • H.    NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)

  • I.     Reliance Industries

  • J.     IOC (Indian Oil Corporation)

  • So, in the top 10 best paymasters five were from public sector undertakings.  The survey was only about the listed companies, so some of the prominent best paymasters among consulting companies, FMCG and banks were not covered.  The average salaries per annum in the top two best paymasters Airtel and Infosys were around Rs.11 lakh and even in the last five best paymasters among the listed companies the average salaries were found above Rs. 6 lakh per annum. FMCG, Pharma, Consulting, IT, ITES, retail, financial and banking services, engineering and design services, infrastructure, chemicals, heavy engineering, auto and energy sector the highest salary increment in the year 2012. Among these sectors, Pharmaceuticals sector saw the highest increment of around 13% in average salaries offered in the year 2012.  

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