'Work Life Balance' at Google India, does the search end here?

Scene 1: A happy family starts its day with mommy, daddy, and school going son & daughter having breakfast and starting off to their workplaces and school.

We no longer live in times of 9 To 5 job profile, we are into the age of 24/7 work pattern. Technological advancements have brought blessings of seamless connectivity, faster data processing, smart-phones and amazing devices to make physical presence at workplace so very dispensable. Then why so often than not, this blessing seems like a bane. Carrying handheld devices to the dinner table, taking calls during precious moments with family n friends, burning the midnight oil trying to clear all pending mails, waking up late with a heavy head to start another strenuous day with important work mails already beeping on the blackberry and so goes the story.

The internet is bursting with articles on coveted HR terms of “Work Life Balance”, “Work Burn Out” “Work Stress” with more and more organizations asking their Human Resource team to work out policies to tame this raging bull. We have fancy terminologies used by the HR community which all boils down to this simple organizational predicament of “Work Life Balance”.

The Ma Foi Randstad Work monitor Survey 2012 - Wave 1 revealed that out of the employees surveyed almost half of them said that they attend to private matters during working hours, while almost 70% disclosed that they handle official matters during private time. Also the majority of employees surveyed in the percentage of 79 % acknowledged that they receive work-related phone calls/e-mail after office hours and also while on holiday.

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The programmes and policies tailor made for organizations have one thing in common though, a basic intent of providing its treasured talent pool a congenial work environment to help them mature into holistic individuals. We now have daddy attending Stress Management Workshops, mommy working from home on days when one of the kids is sick. The family can now go on a paid vacation as an incentive of putting extra efforts and hours to help rope in that oh so important project. Organizations are competing with each other to top the chart in ‘Best Places To Work’ and lure the scarce resource of employable talent.

Topping the chart this year was Google India, many would say they are not surprised after all. What makes Google the first crush for all seeking to start their career in the IT Industry. Of course there are combination of reasons which make up the top ranker but the one which stands out is the branding by Googlers regarding its fantabulous facilities and highly intellect peer group. They are in love with their workplace and it comes out on all platforms. From the ingredients, some of the factors might be little over proportion and some left wanting but together they have blended beautifully which have cooked up a great workplace for Google India.

But is this basket; with oh so full of alluring incentives and policies feeding the basic necessity of striking a balance between work life and personal time with family.

With help from Glassdoor, we try to put forth the pros and cons of working with Google India

Pros: Brilliant work environment, the facilities for unlimited food, hassle free traveling, spiritual & recreation etc are top class! Which are second to none in India.

The work environment breathes great minds, with lot of people with Einstein like intelligence; these are the people who make Google what it is today. Employees are given ample free hand with increased focus on innovation. The organization gives you exposure to the global market and offers you a really good package to start with. Flexibility in terms of moving around internally, no micromanagement most of the time and no time-cards.

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Cons: Google India sure can boost of excellent facilities for its members but on grounds of ‘Work Life Balance’ some reviews are as follows:

“Everybody is very very career focused, they mostly don’t have any other aspiration in life. So they spend a lot of hour in office. And it creates tremendous peer pressure.”

“80% of the current employees are college hires in last 1/2/3 years. Also there are lots of food and facilities in office, so they spend days and nights in office, even weekends.”

“If you want a stable work pressure, with stable work life balance, and other interest than the job, this is not your place for sure. If you have 5-10 years of experience, and want to join Google, as your career pick, it will be hard to sustain it, coz if you think you will spend stable work hours, and don’t need promotion etc, you will be odd man out, and your feedbacks will be bad.”

“Middle management is not that efficient, they all get hired/promoted because they are all great developers, now managing different people, getting most out of them, etc is not their cup of tea.”

The bottom line thus remains that Google India might be a dream company for most of the IT fraternity. However for those who dream of charting greater heights in their career while enjoying treasured moments with friends and family, the search does not end at Google India.

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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