Career Development

Today with a sharp focus on performance standards and delivery of quality products, Career Development is considered integral to the professional growth of an individual. The entire process entails a lifelong effort of unraveling newer potentialities in an employee both by means of organizational training and self learning. From the perspective of an organization career development of an individual is important as it ensures improved outcome from him. Similarly for an employee career development plays a significant role as it ensures both qualitative and quantitative gains for him in the form of rewards, designation jump and wider knowledge base.

Career Development- Its Implications-Why is it so important?

As already implied earlier it’s not an overnight process and you really have to carve your career path strategically. For instance it is always better to link your personal interest and profession as it helps you dig deep into every possible problem that you may face in the course of your professional life. Additionally when pursued with unconditional interest your efforts are most likely to be rewarded duly. On the other hand it is imperative for organizations to have a keen eye for talents and explore the best possible areas of interest in an employee. In that way the entire knowledge sharing process becomes much more intriguing.

Steps involved in Career Development

Please remember that your career development starts right from the time you are in high school or college based on your prior interests, likings and passions or subject. Thus it is never too early. There will be several stages of selection and rejection until you finally are able to zero in on a career of your choice. Prioritize your goals and start working the moment you decide that you are ready to take your personal interests to the next level. This is how you value the true meaning of career development.

In order to ensure betterment, you as an employee should be up to date with the changes and latest happenings in your business. These are things which are part of your self-learning aimed at honing your skills.

Self assessment is critical to Career Development. An employee willing to progress further in his career needs to evaluate himself on a regular basis—his strengths, his weaknesses, areas of concern, things which can be improved upon and so on. It is better to mention here that as a working professional you need to link self assessment with the goals set by your company. If you have been able to understand the exact nature of your company goals it will be easy for you to measure your success rate at meeting those ends.

There will be times when you might come across something of interest- may be at a seminar, a training session or even a conference. Don’t miss out on opportunities to explore it – see if it’s compatible with your choice of a future career option or not. In that way career development helps in career comprehension as well.

Be a regular on Social Media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Basically they serve as your widow to a host of experts from a range of fields like business, films, graphics, multimedia, photography etc ready to share their extensive knowledge base and the latest in their respective fields.

Try to build on your professional relationships as a means to enhancing your career prospects. This can be done by maintaining cordial relations with fellow workers, improving on your visibility on different Social Media sites, maintaining contacts with biggies in business etc.

Organizations looking to maximize employee efficiency should conduct necessary trainings, meetings and discussions from time to time. Additionally they should never fail to recognize true talents and reward them accordingly in the form of designation jumps, salary hikes or added responsibilities etc as a means of encouragement.

Social Media and Career Development

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer professionals to maintain constant touch with their superiors and get latest updates on their fields of work. Besides, with companies set to focus on social media presence in the days to come for recruitment purposes, it is assumed that the newest form of media would play an important role.

Career Development in Marketing

Over the years marketing professionals have looked to work in dynamic establishments that offer the scope for different types of work. These opportunities enable such professionals to gather sufficient and valuable knowledge and experience in fields like technology that can be extremely useful in marketing.

Career development institutes in India

  • Institute of Management and Career Development, Pune
  • Career Development Institute, Lucknow
  • International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development.


Last Updated: 19/12/13