Top Food Companies in India

Food production and processing is a major industry in India. With a range of food items manufactured in the country, the industry has seen greater developments. From candies to frozen food almost every kind of food production is undertaken by the food companies in India. Some of the companies have been functioning since years and have even changed their type of production. Many have shifted from one product to another. Food companies in India like Cadbury India, Parle Products Limited, Surya Food & Agro Private Ltd and MTR Foods are among the best ones that are exported outside India.

Top ten food companies in India

India has several food manufacturing and processing companies with their units in various parts of the country. With plants in states of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Kerala and other regions, most of the food companies have grown in terms of production and variety of food items. Some of the top food companies in India are:

Cadbury India: Cadbury India is a renowned name in India. Chocolates being favorites among the masses in India and abroad, Cadbury is the favorite brand for many. Some of the well-known products of this company are chocolates, candies, biscuits, beverages and gum. In Confectionery world Cadbury India has ranked high. The company is a par of Kraft Foods Group. Some of the best-sellers of this brand are Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Bournville, Bournvita, Gems, Halls, Oreo Tang and Perk. As a food company in India, the brand has ranked high among other competitors with same products.

Bakemans Industries Limited: Bakemans is a leading food brand in India. It is a well-known producer of biscuits. The company has a huge network of distributors in India, Africa, Gulf and SAARC nations. Well-known brands by Bakemans Industries Limited are Cream Crunch, Original English Marie, Cookiez and Butter Yums.

Parle Products Limited: Parle is one of the most renowned biscuit producing brands in India. The company specializes in confectionaries like toffees, hard boiled candies, and various kinds of biscuits like Wafer Creams, Milk, Salted, Glucose, Salted, assorted and Creams. Different kinds of candie s produced by Parle Products Limited are cola, coffee, mint, vanilla, chocolate, cardamom, fruit juicy and coconut.

Ruchi Soya Industries: Soya foods, edible oils, bakery fats and vanaspati are some of the products manufactured by Ruchi Soya Industries. The company is known to be the biggest exporter of soya meal from India. Well-known brands produced by Ruchi Soya Industries are Ruchi Gold, Sunrich, Soyumm, and Mandap.

Surya Food & Agro Private Ltd: Surya Food & Agro Ltd. was incorporated in November 1992 and commenced its commercial operations of manufacturing & selling of biscuits under brand “Priyagold” in October 1993.

Vadilal Industries Limited: Vadilal Industries was formed in the name of Vadilal Gandhi who started a company with soda fountain. The company went into the hands of his sons who later changed the industry into a food industry. Vadilal Company started manufacturing ice-creams in the year 1970s. The company has a Processed Foods Division that manufactures ready-to-eat food of Indian origin, vegetables and fruits.

Rasna International: Rasna Pvt Ltd is one of the favorite brands in India for home made soft drinks. Rasna Pvt Ltd is an ISO Certified company and HACCP Certified Company. The company has been producing home-made soft drinks of different flavors. They are known for their quality products. The company with its excellent quality products strives to be the Soft Drink Concentrate Manufacturing Company in the world.

Lijjat Papad: Lijjat Papad is a well-known brand started with an aim of upliftment of women in India. A part of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog, the company produces khakra, masala, atta, papad, bakery products, appalam, vadi, detergent and chapatti.

MTR Foods: A southern India based food company, MTR has gradually spread to other parts of India and even abroad. The company produces ready-to-eat food mixes, pickles, sambar, chana masala, schilly powder, rasam mix, mango pickle, masala for bisibelebath, and dosa mix. MTR specializes in producing a range of processed food items. The company is known for producing quality food with uncompromising taste and aroma.

Ambika Arihant Foods Private Limited: Ambika Arihant Foods Private Limited products different food products such as mango food items, tomato made products, pear, brine, vegetable curries, fruit slices and other vegetable products.

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