Top Ten IT companies in India

Information Technology is an important factor behind raising a country’s economic growth. Trusting the same assumption, countries have come forward to welcome the advances in the field and the companies that promise to change the picture of a country’s economic rise. Top IT companies in India aim to do the same every year. As per the data collected by Dataquest for 2009-2010, the IT companies in India have contributed an average revenue about 2 billion dollars. However, most of it has been contributed by the top ten IT companies in India.

Best IT companies in India:

India’s IT sector has seen a huge uprising in the past years. Adding to the overall profit is some of the top IT companies in India that offer world-class software solution and products that ranks high among the best providers. Top 10 IT companies in India constantly competing to rank the best are:

TCS: Popularly known among the top brands and corporate houses in India, Tata Consultancy Services are among the best IT companies in India. This company was established in the year 1968. It came up as a part of the Tata Group and was named Tata Computer Centre. It initially, offered computer services to other companies of the same group. With the scope of IT spreading its wings and flying higher, TCS too realized its opportunities and grew its volume of services and spread out to wider areas.

Wipro: Starting as a cooking fat selling brand, Wipro has crossed several boundaries with its market generating services in BPO, IT and R&D. A dream by Azim Premji, who started this company on strict values, Wipro has been successful in crossing 200 billions as its net revenue for the year.

Infosys: As one of the most renowned IT companies, Infosys has an inspirational past. Started as an initiative of seven people with just 250 dollars, the company has crossed all records of net profits. Guided and headed by NR Narayan Murthy, the company is listed on all stock markets and is known among the biggest brands. Kris Gopalakrishnan is the present leader of this IT Company. Infosys with its net profit above 13 billion dollars is listed by Forbes among Global High Performers.

Satyam Computer Services: Satyam Computer Services was founded by Ramalinga Raju in the year 1987. The company made a steady growth and crossed the mark of 2 billion dollars with its dedicated resource and services. It is known to be the youngest IT companies to 1 billion dollars mark in net profits for a year.

HCL: HCL in India consists two major companies namely HCL Infosystems and HCL Technologies. Being a leading player IN Information Technology, the company generates average revenue of more than 4 billion dollars. HCL has contributes a major share to the overall country’s growth from IT. With market profits, the company has only grown higher with the hope of IT’s growth in near future.

Tech Mahindra: Tech Mahindra came up as a joint venture company between BT plc and Mahindra & Mahindra. Initially, it was called as Mahindra British Telecom. With an increase in clients and services, the name too went through a change. The company focuses mainly on communications. It specializes in business transformation and system integration.

Patni Computer Systems: Attracting clients from Europe, Asia-Pacific and America is an IT company that grew gradually to achieve its name and fame. Patni Computer Systems Ltd changed its status from a private limited to public limited company in the year 2003. Patni Computer Systems was founded by Narendra K Patni.

i-flex Solutions: Originally started as a part of Citigroup or Citicorp, iflex developed as a subsidiary of Citicorp Overaseas Software Ltd. The company initially dealt with banking products through with the discovery of Flexcube at Bangalore development centre, the focus of the company went through a change. With Flexcube’s launch, the banking products under CITIL came under a single brand. The brand name was changed to i-flex solutions. The company went on to become a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation.

MphasiS: A relatively new company founded in the year 2000, MphasiS has taken a faster leap towards being one of the top IT companies in India. MphasiS Limited was formed after collaboration with MphasiS Corporation. This company was established in the year 1998. MphasiS Limited is headed by Jeya Kumar as the CEO. The company also ranks high among the Top 100 Companies in Global Outsourcing.

L&T Infotech: L&T Infotech is a subsidiary company of the Larsen & Toubro Ltd that specializes in constructions, engineering, manufacturing and international operations. The company is headed by AM Naik as the chairman. Originally, the company was named as L&T Information Technology Ltd. The name was changed to L&T Infotech on 1st April, 1997. The company has recorded a profit of more than 200 billions.

Several other IT companies in India like Blue Star Infotech Limited, Convergys Information Management India Private Limited, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Private Limited and Zenith Software Limited are coming up in big way offering software products and services to both native and international clients. The future of Information Technology is bright due to existence and able functioning of such IT companies in India.

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