Top Market Research Companies in India

For every business to be a success and get its desired position in the industry, market research is required. To collect data on various factors that may lead to a change in the growth structure of your company, this is extremely important. Market Research Companies in India such as TNS India, Market Pulse, Rural Relations, and Samsika Marketing Consultants are among the top brands to conduct the process for top-notch companies in India.

Top Market Research Companies in India:

India shelters several companies that conduct market research on regular basis. They find the statistics for various parameters in judging the product value, need and other such factors related to the companies. The research comprises social research, business-to-business research and industrial research. Some of the top Market Research Companies in India are:

TNS India: TNS India is a renowned name in the market research industry. It not only provides research services to residential clients but also international clients. The company offers wide range of market research and solutions. There are tools that determine the parameters and sets up criteria for the companyís overall report and product report. The company offers customized solution in terms of qualitative and quantitative research. It provides market feedback that facilitates the company to find out about the health of the brand and its products. The company is ISO certified and the first Indian Company to provide market research.

Delphi Research Services: Established in the year 1991, Delphi Research Services had a Herculean task to take up in the market research industry. The company aimed to provide quality market research services to both Indian and International clients. They catered to different sections namely industrial research, social research and business-to-business research. The company also provides research for the consumers in specialized sections of the business.

Nielsen India: Nielsen India is a part of the Nielsen Company in USA. It was set up in US in the year 1923. The company was founded by Arthur. C. Nielsen. Using various channels Nielsen offers different kinds of data on market research. They use advanced tools, special methods and techniques to gather such market information regarding products, services and the company. They use various methods to give an insight about the products purchased by the consumers to the company as well as to the buyers. Nielsen keeps a tab on the changing demands, performance and other such factors that lead to the sustainability of a brand and its product.

IMRB International: IMRB International was founded in India by Mr. Subhas Ghoshal. It came up in the year 1970. The company ranks among the top 20 Market Research Companies of the world. IMRB International is a subsidiary of WPP, which came up in the year 1985 under the guidance of Sir Martin Sorrell. The company offers unique market research services through different means.

Market Pulse: Market Pulse has its base in Delhi. It is a market research company, which is growing at a faster pace providing various kinds of services. The company has a strong research expertise. The organization follows the Zero-tolerance Quality procedure. The company has an expertise in market research for broadband services, retailing, telecom, cell phones and other products.

Cross Tab: Cross Tab is an outsourcing market research company in India. The company takes care of several processes such as secondary research, process outsourcing and paneling. The company offers market research with consulting, research design and market insights. The company provides research services at comfortable price.

Advanced Strategies: Advance Strategies is a relatively new company in the sector. This market development company came up in the year 2001. It belongs to the Manoobhai Doongursee Group. With its market analysis services, it helps the national as well as international companies to reach out to the global market and survive well in the growing competitive market.

Protech India: Protech India Ltd was established in the 1987. The company offers various kinds of corporate services starting from develop, build, and conceptualize for better business growth. A team of skilled professionals adopts special means to research and provide quality Market Research services to the clients.

Prognosys: As far as Market Research and analysis is concerned Prognosys is one of the best companies to trust. The company focuses mainly on Intelligence, B2B Market Intelligence, Consulting and various other activities that supplements growth. Prognosys offers deeper insights into the market, better understanding at a low cost.

Diksha Research: Diksha Research Organization offers research services using the web. You donít have to separately search for the data but instead rely on the company that prepares the research report. Diksha offer research in areas such as government, media, public relations, automation, automobile, healthcare and other industries. The research goes through a process that includes analysis, visualizing and planning.

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