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Freshers section of is among the finest section when it comes to employment and salary related information for inexperienced professionals who are looking for the right break to get started with their careers.

Job related Information
With Freshers section users can be sure that they shall be getting detailed and in-depth information on various aspects that are critical to the job sector of India such as scope for freshers, the types of jobs that are presently making the rounds and the eligibility needed to bag them. In addition information is provided on the leading companies that are recruiting freshers in India. Candidates also get a clear picture of the salaries they can expect for various jobs.

Job Fairs
Job fairs are very important for freshers as they help them get lucrative jobs with the finest companies from different sectors. Freshers section provides comprehensive information on them with additional information on the types of fairs that are held and the sectors that mostly participate in them. It also provides clear information on the locations in India where such fairs are staged.

Resume Information
Perhaps the most important words for any fresher are resumes and cover letters. Freshers section provides detailed content on how to create a resume for technical jobs, for jobs in the technology sector and for jobs from the information technology sector. In addition, the site explains how a fresher should approach a cover letter, highlighting the keys to a successful one.

Job Trends
The job market in India is an ever expanding one with new companies and newer sectors coming into existence with impressive regularity. With Freshers section young job seekers can be guaranteed of being updated about the latest trends. Information is also available on the job trends in metros. Besides, the site also highlights how the Indian job market would shape up in the days to come.

Interview Tips
Freshers section provides critical information on the ways to achieve success in interviews. Besides highlighting the importance of these suggestions they are also made aware of how to prepare before interviews and how to present oneself during the process. The site also highlights the things that need to be avoided during interviews.

Jobs for Teens
Nowadays even teens are willing to work when their classes are off and earn that extra bit of money to realize their dreams of buying the latest gadget or saving up for a better future. With Naukrihub teens get hands-on information on jobs in various important sectors such as sales, data entry, banking, and teaching.

Last Updated: 28/02/14