Accounting Jobs & Salary for Freshers in Chennai

First time job seekers are getting a lot of accounting jobs for freshers in Chennai, which is among the four major metros of India. With the introduction of these jobs the job aspirants in that city would be breathing a sigh of relief in these turbulent economic times.

Profile of Accounting Jobs

The candidates who work as accounts executives would need to perform as an assistant to the accounts managers. They would also be working in areas like tally, MIS and accounts. The candidates for the job of CA finance executives receive salaries in the range of Rs  3,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per annum. They need to look after areas such as financial predictions, auditing, making query reports and doing other financial functions.

Candidates appearing for the job of accountants would need to work in a variety of areas such as finalization and voucher entries. The candidates working as accounts trainee are supposed to be salaries not more than INR 50,000. They normally need to work as trainees in the accounts departments of their respective employers.

Accounting Jobs on Offer

One of the new accounting jobs for freshers in Chennai is the job of accounts executive. Yet another one in this list of accounting jobs for freshers in Chennai is CA finance executives. The job of accountants is now also being offered to interested freshers in Chennai. They can also avail another accounting job for freshers – accounts trainee.

Eligibility of Accounting Jobs

The candidates appearing for the job of accounts executives need to be having at least the basic skills of tally. The candidates who want to get the job of accountants would have to possess knowledge in areas such as sales tax, ESI, service tax, income tax, provident fund and tally. They would also need to be good in English and should have also finished their CA Articleship training. The eligibility for the candidates of accounts trainee jobs is a bachelor’s degree in commerce, know how of tally and decent communication skills.

Fresher’s Salary in Accounting in Chennai

Salary of fresher in accounting is above the national average in Chennai . For fresher to start in accounting department, they are liable to get Rs 8,500 to Rs 12,500 as per month salary. With accumulated required knowledge and experience, their salary will increase. As they gain experience of 1 to 2 year their salary will become  Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. CA degree holder are no longer fresher for the accounting industry. They have compulsory internship in between the course. The average salary package offered to the  CA degree holder is Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 11,00,00 lakh in accounting department.