Advertising Job Profile

In India, the advertising industry is gaining significant momentum over the past few years. In a typical advertising company in India, you may land up with a respectable job in the creative services department, accounts department or media department.

In India, there are several advertising companies which hire freshers. But before deciding upon choosing advertising as your career option, you should think over whether you have a creative bent of mind and possess excellent communication and writing skills because these are some of the attributes that employers usually look for in prospective candidates.

Advertising Jobs on Offer

There are numerous advertising jobs for freshers in Mumbai. A fresher in the field of advertising can work as a photographer, web developer, web planner, graphic designer, studio technician, animator, media planner, marketing executive, visualizer, copywriter or a TV producer. Employers in the advertising industry prefer individuals who are innovative and creative rather than those who only have good academic records.

Eligibility for Advertising Jobs

Employers usually look for graduates in Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology or Journalism. Employers also prefer candidates having a background in Liberal marketing. This is just a basic requirement and it may vary depending on an individual’s work profile in the respective company. In order to work in management position in the advertising companies in Mumbai, you need to have a post graduate degree in Journalism or Advertising.

Besides your academic qualifications, you need to be creative, innovative, flexible and should be able to handle stress; you should also possess good communication and writing skills and be able to establish and maintain effective personal relationship with colleagues and staff.

Fresher’s Salary in Advertising in Mumbai

The trend of salary in advertising is upward in the Mumbai with the increasing productivity at work. The salary for fresher in Mumbai is higher than national average. In advertising sector, the salary for fresher is not low, but high enough to provide them best start to their career. The salary for fresher with having any certified course in advertising is in the bracket of Rs 1.8 lakh to Rs 2.25 lakh per annum. For the graduate fresher without any certification or degree of advertising is  in the range of Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.