The aviation jobs for freshers in Hyderabad are on rise. Since the city is witnessing a massive growth in cargo traffic and air travel, it is all set to become one of the major hubs of this industry. Numerous domestic as well as international airlines have started their offices in Hyderabad. This in way has paved way for countless job opportunities from which even the freshers can benefit a lot. As per salary package is concerned, a fresher looking for non-technical job in aviation can expect to start his career with a sum of 16K per month. However, this figure varies. The technical job seekers are usually offered more.

Aviation Job Profile

The candidates interested in aviation jobs should first understand the roles and responsibilities that are associated with the respective post. There are many departments in the airlines. Hence, the role of an individual as an incumbent also differs largely. However, some of the duties that a candidate needs to perform include customer relationship, regulation of traffic, airline cargo marketing and management, navigation procedures and aviation safety and administration.

Aviation Jobs on Offer

Some of the most sought after aviation jobs for freshers in Hyderabad are available in the department of cabin crew. Besides, the vacancies are listed for ground staff and pilots and co-pilots as well.

Eligibility for Aviation Jobs

Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates can apply for aviation jobs. Aspirants with degree or diploma in courses like travel & tourism, flying operation, aircraft maintenance, regulatory policies, air traffic management and aviation safety or technical aspects will be considered first. Those eager to join technical jobs in this field should have science background in subjects like maths, physics and chemistry.

The candidates who want to apply for flight attendant or air hostess jobs, they need to meet the height requirement of the airline companies. Some companies prefer girls with 5-2″ or 157 cms or more and boys with 5-7″ or 172 cms or more.

Apart from these, the candidates should possess remarkable communication skills. Pleasant personality is the other aspect on which a person is judged.

Fresher’s Salary in Aviation in Hyderabad

Hyderabad provide huge Employment opportunities in aviation industry. The salaries in aviation in Hyderabad are at par with the national average. The salary for fresher in aviation  in Hyderabad is shown in the following table.

Salary of Fresher in Aviation in Hyderabad
Particular Salary
Customer Service Agent Rs 1.75 lakh
Flight Attendant Rs 2.25 lakh
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Rs 3.5 lakh